Coronavirus information for Feinberg.

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Financial Support Guidelines

AOSC Virtual Conference Attendance/Pre-Registration Form

**Due to social distancing guidelines, we will only consider requests to attend a conference that is held virtually until further notice.  Please use the Conference Attendance/Pre-Registration Request form to request approval.

Attendance for first-author presentations to a national, regional, or local conference must be authorized in advance by AOSC Director Craig Langman, MD. To start that process, please complete a Conference Attendance Request form. Once your form is submitted, it will be sent to Sean Lynge (AOSC Coordinator), who will communicate your request to Dr. Langman and advise you of the status of your request.

We ask all applying students to submit their conference attendance request form 6-8 weeks ahead of the conference start date. When filling out the request form, please indicate the registration fee due date (early bird, if offered or standard) in the field labeled “Will this conference be co-supported by another department?”

Once your virtual conference attendance is approved by Dr. Langman, Sean Lynge will notify you and Jenny Dick (Program Assistant at AWOME).  Jenny will utilize the University procurement card to register you for the conference.  This means you will not incur an out-of-pocket expense (request for reimbursement will not be needed/honored). Jenny will reach out to you regarding the information needed, whether an in-person visit to the AWOME is needed, and arrange for payment of the registration fee.

Registration coverage is available for AOSC, MD/MPH, MD/MA and MD/MS students. There is no coverage for AOSC students who are presenting at a meeting for a non-AOSC project.

Approval from Dr. Langman is solely for the purpose of having your registration fee(s) covered and does not grant permission for being absent from class or on a rotation. This must be independently obtained by the student.  Students will be excused from a required session(s) for their scheduled date of presentation only. Please provide written notification of your presentation date to Coordinator for Student Support, Allison Matricaria.

Any additional day(s) for attendance will require use of personal day(s). If you will be missing a required session(s), please email that information to Allison Matricaria to request the absence.

AOSC Summer Research Funding Stipends 

We are pleased to announce that submissions for the Summer Research Stipend are officially open!

First, a reminder about AOSC Summer Research. Over the course of the 10-week period between Phases 1a and 1b (May 17th – July 25th), all AOSC students must complete 4 weeks of research. These 4 weeks must be completed on campus (Chicago or Evanston), unless the AOSC mentor grants permission to conduct the research remotely by filling out a copy of the Remote Research Approval Form. To minimize travel to/from Chicago during the pandemic, the 4 weeks of research should be conducted contiguously.

Every AOSC student must complete a short Canvas Survey regarding research details (dates of research weeks on campus, mentor name, project title, etc.).

The Summer Research Stipend is available for students interested in completing an additional 4 weeks of research over break. For those considering applying for a stipend, please note that completing these weeks consecutively is a requirement.

To apply, interested students will need to complete a Summer Research Stipend Application, which is available on the AOSC website, via the MachForm. In addition to standard information (first name, last name, mentor name), all applications must include project title, hypothesis, a brief methods section, and rationale for how the additional weeks will be used. Total length for this should not exceed one page.

Applications for review will be accepted until Sunday, March 7th. Students with meritorious projects eligible for the stipend will be notified the week of March 15th.

If you have any questions regarding the Summer Research Stipend or the required summer research time, please contact Sean Lynge.