Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
MD Education

Financial Support Guidelines

Travel Reimbursement

Travel for first-author presentations to a national, regional or local conference must be authorized in advance by AOSC director Richard Green, MD. Please complete a conference request form. Lisa Rawlani, AOSC curriculum coordinator will advise you of the status of your request. You should request support as soon as you are notified of acceptance by the conference organizer.

Funding is available for AOSC, MD/MPH, MD/MA and MD/MS students. There is no funding for AOSC students who are presenting at a meeting for a non-AOSC project.

Approval from Dr. Green is solely for funding and does not grant permission for being absent from class or on a rotation. This must be independently obtained by the student. If you will be missing a required class, please email Allison Matricaria  to request this absence. All students are only allowed to miss 2 days of class: 1 day for travel, and 1 day for the presentation.

AOSC Summer Research Funding Stipends 

Support for summer research is available to students who pursue research for an additional four weeks beyond the required four week AOSC session during the summer term. Please complete this form and email it to Lisa Rawlani by April 1.

Honors Program in Medical Education Fellowship Research Program

Please complete this form and email it to Lisa Rawlani by April 1, 2018.
  1. Following completion of their freshman year, HPME students are eligible to apply for the HPME Research Fellowship.
  2. Students will be required to submit an application which will be evaluated based solely on the quality of the project proposal.
  3. The research project must involve 10 weeks of continuous research with a mentor from Northwestern University.
  4. The research may be performed during any summer of undergraduate training; or within one year of completion of undergraduate training, prior to matriculation at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.
  5. The current stipend is $3,000.00 for the 10 week period.
  6. The maximum number of times a student may be awarded the fellowship is two. In the case that a student applies for the fellowship a second time, the second research project may be a continuation of the first project or a new project.
  7. Students are encouraged to continue work on their research projects throughout their undergraduate or medical school training.
  8. There are two named research stipend awards that honor former HPME students with associated prestige, the Linde and the Namkung Awards. HPME students who receive the HPME Research Fellowship are eligible to apply for either awards. These awards recognize outstanding research proposals and are given to students who plan to continue their research beyond the fellowship period.
  9. Students are not eligible for HPME Research Fellowship funding if they are receiving other simultaneous salary support during the project period.