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Services for M3 & M4 Medical Students

M3 and M4 Clerkship Changes

All required and advanced required clerkship changes must be completed by the registrar at least three weeks prior to the start date of the rotation. The only accepted exceptions are documented emergencies and health issues.

Email the registrar the specifics of your schedule change request. The registrar will respond once the changes have been made.

Credit for Away Rotations

Once an away elective rotation is accepted, students must complete the Away Elective Application form. The completed form must be submitted to Feinberg’s corresponding department for approval (e.g., for an away radiology elective, the form must be submitted to the radiology elective coordinator for a signature). The appropriate contact person is listed in the online clerkship descriptions in OASIS. If you are unable to determine the proper contact person, please email the registrar for assistance. Feinberg's corresponding department will sign off on the form and forward it to the registrar. The elective will then be recorded to a student’s schedule in OASIS. If the elective appears on a student schedule, the enrollment process is complete. This registration process needs to be complete prior to the start of an away rotation for two specific reasons:

  1. The student will only be covered under the University’s malpractice insurance if enrolled in the elective prior to the start date.
  2. The student will only receive elective credit toward graduation requirements if registered prior to the start date.

At the conclusion of an away elective, the elective assessment form must be completed by the host institution and returned to the Feinberg registrar. This form may be submitted via USPS, via fax or as an email attachment (PDF). The original form is preferable whenever possible. Some institutions will only use their evaluation forms. In this case, the host institutions form will be honored as long as a final grade and narrative comments are clearly listed.

Please note that our elective grading scheme only allows pass/honors/fail grades. If a high pass grade is awarded on an away elective, this will be noted in the narrative comments, but will be reflected as a pass on the transcript.

Certificate of Malpractice Insurance

Email specifics (including the name of the institution requesting the certificate) to the registrar.

Request a Copy of Your Dean's Letter (MSPE)

Fill out the request form to get a copy of your Dean's letter.