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Public Safety Emergencies Policy and Procedure

All Feinberg students must sign up for the Northwestern Emergency Notification System by listing their contact phone number in the Emergency Notification field of CAESAR.  This will result in automatic electronic notification of emergencies and University closures.  It is the responsibility of Feinberg medical students to inform themselves of safety procedures by visiting the Northwestern University’s Emergency Management website: 

In the event of a severe weather or public safety emergency, the university and medical school may be closed, and students are excused from all course and clerkship activities.  In the case of such emergencies, medical students participating in patient care activities are considered non-essential workers.

If the medical school is open but a student believes traveling to campus or a clinical site is unsafe, they should contact the course/clerkship director and coordinator to inform them if they will be late or unable to report.  Students may be expected to make up any missed course or clerkship time.  Students may also contact the Associate Dean for Student Affairs at any time for advice.

Students who need immediate police, fire or medical response should call 911 from their phone, or use an Emergency Police “blue light” telephone, located throughout the Chicago campus. For other emergencies or for students who are detained by police for any reason and require assistance can page one of the deans through the NMH web paging system by entering “deans pager” or calling 312 695 5580.

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Last Updated: 6/19/2020