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Visiting Resident Policy

A limited number of visiting residents may rotate at clinical affiliates and overlap with Feinberg students each year.  Visiting residents who are on services with Feinberg students on required clerkships must be made aware of the Feinberg Medical School objectives, the individual clerkship objectives, the Feinberg Medical Student Supervision Policy and the Safe and Healthy Learning Environment Policy.  It is the responsibility of the clerkship director to ensure that all visiting residents have read these policies prior to engaging with Feinberg medical students.  The Graduate Medical Education Office is also available to assist.  

Only residents of the McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University may contribute to student evaluations resulting in a grade.  

This policy is attested to annually by all clerkship directors.  It is also listed on the student evaluation form, which states "please remember that only faculty members at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and residents/fellows at the McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University may formally evaluate students at the Feinberg School of Medicine." 


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9.1 Preparation of Resident and Non-Faculty Instructors 

Last Updated: 1/28/2019