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Tuberculosis Screening and Tuberculosis and Mask Fitting Policy and Procedures

Time of Matriculation: 

All incoming medical students are required to complete the QuantiFERON®TB Gold Blood test no more than 90 days prior to their matriculation start date as part of their Admission Health Entrance Requirement.  Incoming medical students must also complete the Northwestern Medicine TB Questionnaire after arriving on campus.   

If the student receives a positive QuantiFERON® TB Gold blood test or has a history of prior positive Quantiferon TB Gold Blood test, a TB Chest x-ray must be obtained and submitted in the United States.  The student will also be required to meet with a Student Health Service physician for tuberculosis consultation after arrival on campus. 

TB Tests and x-rays from other countries will not be accepted and will be repeated at the student’s expense.   

Please note that student health results are not kept on the Feinberg medical school campus and are not known to medical school administrators such as Deans.  The only records available to the school are whether a student’s immunization requirements are “complete” or “incomplete” as some information such as titers are considered HIPAA protected information.  Student immunization records including titers and radiologic examination results will be kept only at the Student Health Offices in Evanston/Chicago campuses.  Students should contact the Evanston Campus Health Service at 847-491-2204 or Chicago Campus at 312-695-8134 with any questions, to receive individual counseling regarding their results, or to schedule an appointment.  

Currently Enrolled Students and students returning from LOA:  

All current medical students must complete Annual Tuberculosis Screening and a Northwestern Medicine TB Questionnaire prior to participation in clinical activities.  

Students with a positive history of tuberculosis or BCG vaccination must contact the Coordinator for Student Compliance and Support Services in the Student Health Office to make arrangements for alternative testing prior to starting any clinical activities. 

One of the following TB screening methods satisfies the annual requirement for current medical students.  

  • One-Step PPD Skin Test –unless student is scheduled to rotate at a clinical site which requires a 2- Step PPD test.  


  • QuantiFERON® TB Gold blood test 

Students returning from Leave of Absence > 1 yr 

Students returning from a leave of absence of more than one year, and have not been screened for more than 12 months, must complete  

  • a 2-Step TB Skin test (which is 2 PPD skin tests at least seven days apart and no more than 28 days apart).   


  • the QuantiFERON®TB Gold blood test no more than 90 days prior to their return to school date. 

Students with a history of a positive Tuberculosis test must submit a TB Chest X-ray (performed in the United States) not older than five years, and receive (one-time) TB consultation at Student Health Services. The student does not need to repeat the TB Chest X-ray prior to five years as long as they remain asymptomatic of tuberculosis. 

Tuberculosis Screening Requirement for Students Traveling Abroad  

Students who have traveled to countries with high-incidence for tuberculosis exposure (Africa, Asia, Central and South American and Eastern Europe, etc.) must be screened for possible exposure within 8-10 weeks of returning to campus at the student health services office.  

Tuberculosis Mask-Fit Testing Requirement 

All rising M3 and M4 students are required to complete annual TB Mask Fit Testing at NM Corporate Health prior to participating in required clerkship activities. The time, date and location will be announced by the Coordinator for Student Compliance and Support Services. 


Last Updated: 1/30/2019