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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
MD Education

Feinberg Student Standards and Suitability for the Practice of Medicine Policy

The Student Promotions Committee (SPC)will be asked to review a student's academic and professional performance if there is a question about a student’s suitability for the practice of medicine or in the case of allegations of irregular behavior or misconduct. The student shall have the right to appear before the committee in order to defend his or her suitability and or alleged behavior/misconductThe SPC has the authority to impose no action or a letter of warning which may be permanent or temporary.  The SPC may also impose actions including: probation, suspension or dismissal from FSM. 

The qualities of a good physician that must be demonstrated by Feinberg students include: 

  • sound judgment 
  • a sense of responsibility and morality 
  • personal insight or perception 
  • motivation 
  • personal integrity and accountability 
  • responsibility to patients 
  • sensitivity and compassion for individual patient needs 
  • ability to recognize personal limitations 
  • ability to synthesize and apply knowledge to become safe and effective physicians 
  • ability to function under pressure 
  • truthfulness  


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Last Updated: 1/28/2019