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Portfolio Assessment Policy and Procedure

An electronic assessment portfolio is maintained centrally for each Feinberg student throughout their enrollment. This portfolio including formative reflections and assessment data are accessible at all times to the student and the student’s college mentorThe Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, the Associate Dean for Curriculum, the Director of Assessment and Program Evaluationthe Director of Educational Support and the Portfolio Review Team have access to the assessment data in each student’s portfolio, including final reflections that are submitted prior to formal portfolio review.  These individuals cannot view formative reflections or learning plans that are generated when students meet with their college mentors.  

The portfolio is an electronic repository of assessments linked to the eight Feinberg competencies. The aim of the portfolio is to: 

  • Provide an accessible record of student assessment through which the student and faculty mentor can monitor and self-regulate learning and competency achievement through reflection and the development of individualize learning plans. 
  • Record achievement in competencies that traditionally are difficult to measure (Professional Behavior and Moral Reasoning, Continuous Learning and Quality Improvement, Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills, Systems Awareness and Team Based Care, and Patient Centered Medical Care). 
  • Allow for the school to use composite data to monitor educational effectiveness for program evaluation 

Formative portfolio review 

Each student will meet with his or her college mentor regularly during the M1/M2/M3 years for a formative portfolio review.  Prior to the meeting, each student receives guidance on how to complete a reflective summary of achievement in the Feinberg competencies and is expected to create two personalized learning plans. At each formative portfolio review, the student and mentor will review all assessment data collected in the portfolio and the student’s reflective summary and learning plans. The mentor will help develop the student’s reflective capacity and identify resources for self-directed learning. The goal of this process is to use the mentor’s regular engagement with each student to allow for early identification of areas that might benefit from additional educational support. 

Phase 1/Phase 2 portfolio review  

A formal review of each student’s portfolio occurs prior to beginning clerkships (mid-M2 year) and at the end of the M3 required clerkships. The Portfolio Review Committee comprised of trained faculty members reviews each student’s portfolio including the student’s final reflection. Reviewers do not have access to formative reflections and learning plans. The committee reviews each student’s longitudinal achievement in the Feinberg competencies of: 

  • Professional Behavior and Moral Reasoning 
  • Continuous Learning and Quality Improvement 
  • Effective Communication and Interpersonal Skills 
  • Systems Awareness and Team Based Care 
  • Patient Centered Medical Care  

The committee uses a mixture of qualitative and quantitative data to assess each student’s readiness to begin clerkships (Phase 1 Review) and to move on to M4 clerkships (Phase 2 Review). The committee then provides a detailed feedback report of each student’s competency achievement to the student and mentor. 

The committee may determine that a student should receive additional skills practice in a particular competency area prior to moving on to the next phase of the curriculum.  The committee determines this by recommending individualized educational support and the creation of an Educational Support Plan.  Although this is not a grade or disciplinary action, a student may appeal the recommendation of the Portfolio Review Committee to the Student Promotions Committee. 

Once a student is referred for additional education support, the Education Support Team assists with creation of an Education Support Plan.  If a student does not successfully complete their Educational Support Plan, the student may be referred to the Student Promotions Committee 

The Portfolio review process is formative and designed to insure success in the subsequent Phase of medical education Results of portfolio reviews do not appear on the official transcript or in the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) letter. 


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Last Updated: 1/28/2019