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Physicianship Forms

Professionalism is a core responsibility of physicians and represents one of the Feinberg competencies.  Physicianship forms are a mechanism by which academic deans or course or clerkship directors report unprofessional behavior concerns related to deviations from the Feinberg Behavioral Standards Policy or the Feinberg Standards and Suitability for the Practice of Medicine Policy. All physicianship forms are sent to the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education for review. Any student who receives a form will need to meet with the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education to discuss the concern that was raised. 

If a student receives three professionalism forms while a medical student, he or she will need to appear before the Student Promotions Committee. If the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education believes egregious unprofessional behavior may have occurred based on his/her judgment, a student may be required to appear before the Student Promotions Committee after a single physicianship form. 

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Last Updated: 1/28/2019