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Phase 2 and 3 Scheduling Policy

Near the conclusion of Phase 1b and Phase 2, students will submit preferences for required clerkships, electives and selectives for the next phase.  Random assignments taking preferences into account will be made by lottery. Feinberg students have priority access to elective spots before they are opened to visiting student enrollment.

After schedule assignments have been made, all changes to individual student’s schedules must be managed through the registrar.  Students who would like to drop a clerkship or elective, must do so 3 weeks prior to the start of the clerkship/elective by notifying the registrar.  Students may not drop a clerkship/elective unless there is an available slot later in the academic year.  If there are extenuating circumstances, students must discuss dropping the clerkship/elective with the Associate Dean of Student Affairs, and in certain cases, may be asked to provide supporting documentation.

Students who are having academic difficulties may be asked to complete required phase 3 clerkships prior to March of their M4 year.


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