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Phase 1 Attendance Policy and Procedure

The Feinberg curriculum is predicated upon the active participation and engagement of students and faculty members who have a shared interest in cultivating a respectful and productive learning climate. Professionalism dictates punctuality, preparedness and respectful participation in learning as well as patient care environments.

We provide a curriculum that enables both self-directed as well as guided learning. Students engage with didactic material in different ways. Video recordings will be made of non-required classroom sessions. As adult learners, students can choose which type of engagement works best for them for these sessions. Student attendance is required for active learning sessions in which participation is critical or when patients and guest speakers are present. Required sessions will be identified on students’ module schedules and attendance will be monitored. 

We understand that students have needs and obligations that require time away such as personal illness, family events, academic presentations, wellness, etc. When needed, students may opt to use a personal day to be excused from a required session without the need to provide an explanation. Students are allowed up to 5 personal days during each year of Phase 1. Please note the following:  

  • No more than 3 personal days can be used during the same week.
  • Personal days cannot be used during SAMs or on exam days.
  • Careful consideration should be given to missing patient-related sessions and those that affect fellow learners.
  • Personal days cannot be used as a fraction of a day.
  • In general missed classroom sessions cannot be rescheduled
  • ECMH sessions may need to be rescheduled to meet ECMH session requirements.


The process required for using a personal day is outlined below.

Notifications should be made at least 24 hours in advance (except for urgent/emergent illness, etc).  In the case of urgent/emergent illness or circumstances, a student should do their best to follow the process below and notify the Coordinator for Student Support Allison Matricaria or the coordinator for missed activities as soon as possible so their absence can be relayed to small group leaders or ECMH preceptors. 

  • Students enter their intended time off into the Personal Day Portal.
  • Students notify their small group leader, ECMH preceptor, etc of any intended time off.
  • Students notify their ECMH preceptor and clinic chief of any planned time off to insure that there are an adequate number of students present to care for patients.


Other considerations

  • Students who exceed 5 personal days in an academic year due to illness or other circumstances should meet with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. We recognize that a student’s physical or mental health needs may require recurring appointments. Feinberg will work with students to accommodate unanticipated medical leaves or expected maternity/paternity leaves with minimal disruption to their education.
  • If an absence is anticipated due to a Religious Holiday, please see the Religious Observation Policy.
  • In the case of an unanticipated or urgent illness, students should contact the Coordinator for Student Support Allison Matricaria as soon as it is feasible to do so.
  • If a student is invited to present approved AOSC research at an academic conference, the student is not required to use a personal day. Students will be excused for date of presentation only.  Any additional days for travel to and from the conference, will require use of personal days.  Please provide written notification of presentation date to Coordinator for Student Support, Allison Matricaria.
  • Professionalism is a core competency of Feinberg students. Students who miss a required session without following the procedures above will be asked to meet with the Coordinator for Student Support and/or the Associate Dean of Students to discuss the circumstances of the unexcused absence, and a negative physicianship form may be generated.


Related LCME Standards 
3.5: Learning Environment/Professionalism  
9.9: Student Advancement and Appeal Process 
12.4: Student Access to Health Care Services 

Last Updated: 8/22/2019

Approved by: Curriculum Committee