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Listserv Services Policy

The Feinberg School of Medicine operates an electronic mailing list service (“listserv”) for each class of students, each college, and the entire student body. Listservs were established to transmit official announcements regarding classes, professional events, student organization activities, and other related information. Students and faculty members may post brief, relevant messages. Students may also make announcements of student-centered social events, items for sale, and other similar messages through the class Facebook pages. 

While at the time of matriculation new students are automatically assigned to the listserv for their class, a leave of absence or other interruption in academic progress may necessitate subscription to the listserv of a new class. This may be accomplished by sending an e-mail message to The message should have a blank subject line and the body of the message should state “subscribe med**-announce firstname lastname.” (** indicates the last two numbers of the new expected year of graduation). 

Last Updated: 1/28/2019