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Clerkship Log Policy and Procedure 

The purpose of the clerkship log is to ensure that each student has fulfilled the required clinical experiences determined by the faculty to meet the objectives of the clerkship. If a student does not encounter a patient with a particular clinical condition that student must be able to remedy the gap by an alternative experience which must also be recorded in the log.  

Clerklog progress is reviewed at the midpoint of each clerkship by the clerkship director or their designate. Students are given feedback on their progress at that time. 

Students are required to complete the clerkship log two days before the last day of the clerkship (in most cases Wednesday). Any student who has not completed the clerkship log for the required clerkships will not be allowed to take the subject examination and may receive an incomplete for the clerkship.  Rescheduling the written examination will require the purchase of a separate examination and will be at the student’s expense. In some cases, the clerkship director may require the student to schedule extra time to complete the clerkship. In all cases, students may lose professionalism points for failing to complete the clerkship log. Individual clerkships may choose to lower the final grade when students have not completed the clerkship log.  

Last Updated: 2/11/2019