Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
MD Education

Attendance Policy

Please see page 73 of the Feinberg Student Handbook for Phase 2/3 Attendance and Duty Hours Policy.

Phase 1 Attendance Policy

The Feinberg curriculum is predicated upon the active participation and engagement of students and faculty members who have a shared interest in cultivating a respectful and productive learning climate. Professionalism dictates punctuality, preparedness and respectful participation in learning as well as patient care environments. We want to be respectful of individual learning styles and so do not require (but do encourage) attendance at all educational offerings; however, when sessions are based upon student interaction and/or involve patients and guest speakers, attendance will be required and randomly monitored. These sessions will be identified on your module schedule and will include:

  • Clinical Placements (IP/ECMH)
  • Small group sessions (all) & college-sized sessions
  • Clinical Correlations
  • Introductory Plenaries and Synthesis and Application Sessions
  • CEC sessions
  • TBL sessions or Flipped Lectures
  • SAM sessions
  • Lab sessions (anatomy and computer-based)
  • Sessions which are discussion-based or precede discussion groups
  • Sessions which include a patient or guest speaker

Video and audio recordings will be made of lectures and plenaries which are generally not required events. However, video-recordings are meant to augment, not replace, participation in lectures. Learning is inherently social. Everyone benefits by participating in a community of learners who share a common purpose to elevate the level of discourse. Lecture attendance affords the opportunity to engage in active learning (posing questions of and interacting with faculty members; answering ARS questions; interacting with peers). For required sessions: In the event of an acute illness or other emergency, please contact Allison Matricaria prior to the session(s) you will be missing. If your absence is an emergent issue, please contact her as soon as it is feasible to do so. Unreported absences or absence notifications after the learning activity will not be excused, unless there were urgent circumstances. In some instances the coordinator may be able to make alternative arrangements.

If an absence is anticipated due to an important life event of family and friends (standing up in weddings, illness, death of a loved one, etc.) or due to a personal issue, please also contact Allison Matricaria to set up a meeting to discuss requested time off prior to the session(s). If you have an unexcused absence, you will be asked to meet with one of the deans to discuss the circumstances. Two unexcused absences will result in a physicianship form. Students who intentionally misrepresent their attendance will receive a physicianship form and be referred to the Student Promotions Committee for appropriate action. Please recognize that you are training for a profession that has high expectations, where accountability to your patients, colleagues, and peers is critical. Lapses in professionalism may impact all three groups and may negatively impact your career. Please understand, respect and abide by these expectations.