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Assessment System Overview

The Feinberg School of Medicine will provide an assessment system that presents information qualitatively and quantitatively in each of the competency domains to foster continual learning and improvement.

Feinberg assessments are competency based and aligned with learning objectives within each module and clerkship. Methods of assessment may include multiple choice exams, oral exams, OSCEs, practical exams and multi-source performance evaluations (e.g., peer assessment, nurse assessment). Individuals completing assessments are expected to provide narrative comments on strengths and areas of improvement whenever the type of interaction allows for this form of feedback. Assessors are expected to provide professional, fair and honest feedback to students to best position them to continually improve their knowledge and skills throughout medical school.

To separate mentorship from assessment, Augusta Webster Office of Medical Education Associate Deans do not assess students. Similarly, college mentors do not assess their mentees.

Transcript:  This is an official document kept for each student and maintained by the Rgistrar. The transcript includes  block and clerkship grades. Individual examination grades are not shown on the transcript.

Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) The MSPE is a document prepared for each fourth-year student in support of their entrance into the residency match. . This document is completed according to national standards and includes block and longitudinal course grades, clerkship grades, clerkship narratives and a summary of other achievements.


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9.4: Assessment System

Last Updated: 7/10/2019