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Assessment and Health Providers Policy

Feinberg’s accreditation standards require that any health professional who provides health services of any kind to a Feinberg School of Medicine medical student must have NO involvement in the current or subsequent academic assessment or promotion decisions of the medical student who received or is receiving those services. When a student is assigned to a facilitator, preceptor or clinical service or appears before a committee where such a conflict exists, it is the shared responsibility of the student, Feinberg physician and all concerned to bring the conflict to the attention of the course/clerkship director or to the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education, in order that an alternative assignment may be made, or action taken that ensures the health care provider concerned is not involved in the assessment or promotion decisions of the student with whom a care relationship has been established. There will be no adverse consequences for any student reporting a conflict.  Faculty, residents, students, or other health professionals who have questions about this policy are requested to contact the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education, in order to answer questions and clarify situations that may appear ambiguous. 

All students sign attestations at the beginning of their M1 and again their M3 year stating that they understand the policy.  They are reminded of this policy at the beginning of every required clerkship during orientation.

All residents and fellows attest to their understanding and review of this policy before orientation and again annually.  All faculty attest to their understanding and review of this policy during the annual disclosure and conflict of interest policy review. 

Finally, all student assessment forms contain the following language:

I have not provided professional treatment for this student for psychological, or health issues, nor have I been made aware of such issues through any professional treatment relationship.

(If not true, you cannot evaluate this student because you have a clinical relationship with them. Please contact the clerkship director with any questions.)

Faculty cannot complete an assessment form without checking the box “true.”

Related LCME Standard

12.5: Non-Involvement of Providers of Student Health Services in Student Assessment/Location of Student Health Records

Last Updated: 1/22/2019