Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
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Determine Your Dependency Status

If you would like to be considered for institutional need-based grant funds, your financial aid application process will vary, depending on whether you are considered NU Dependent or NU Independent.  NU Dependency Status is separate from federal dependency status, and will not effect your eligibility for federal financial aid. Additionally, if your parent(s) provide data on the Incoming MD University Aid Application, you will automatically be considered NU Dependent for the purposes of institutional need-based grant funds.   

To qualify for NU Independent status, you must have been entirely self-supporting by employment for at least 30 months prior to matriculation. The 30 months do not need to be the two-and-a-half years immediately prior to matriculation. Self-support typically requires gross employment earnings of at least $2,200 per month if you are single or $3,500 per month if you are married. Self-support cannot include support from educational loans you may have borrowed to cover your living expenses, earnings from investments, trust funds or other assets. In addition, it cannot be claimed during periods when you were a student.

If you meet the above criteria, you must submit supporting documentation outlined on the NU Dependency Status Worksheet. If you do not satisfy the above requirement, you are considered NU Dependent for the purposes of determining eligibility for institutional aid. You are required to submit your parents’ information.

Your dependency status does not change once you matriculate at the Feinberg School of Medicine, nor does it change if you get married or because your parents are unable or unwilling to provide the contribution we calculate.