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Aid for Current International Students

Complete the University Aid Application by April 1

Students may access this document online via their To-Do list for the upcoming academic year in CAESAR in mid-March. Your "To-Do List" can be reviewed in CAESAR through either the "Tasks" tile on the homepage, or by clicking on the "Financial Aid" tile from the homepage and then selecting "To-Do List" from the left-hand navigation. If you are unable to access this document via your To-Do list, please >contact the Chicago Office of Financial Aid.

Accept or Decline Your Loan Assistance

Deadline: As soon as possible after you receive financial aid eligibility notification

After you submit all application materials, Northwestern will determine your aid package. Learn more about how aid is determined.

Next, our office will send financial aid eligibility notification emails detailing your financial aid package. Your package will likely include private international student loans. You must accept or decline any loan assistance offered via CAESAR. Learn more about the steps to accept or decline.

Apply or Re-Apply for Your Private Student Loan

If you have been offered a private international student loan on your award notice, you must complete the application and be approved for the loan program of your choice through the lender's website. This online application must be completed each academic year in order to receive funds for this loan. Be advised that international students interested in obtaining a private student loan may need a credit-worthy U.S. citizen/permanent resident cosigner. Additional information about this process will be included on your financial aid eligibility notification email.