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Breakaway Activity: Teamwork and Leadership Day at the Art Institute of Chicago

Breakaway Retreat Image

The Breakaway Retreat Activity is the first and only class trip for medical students that takes place during Arrival week. This one-day event incorporates leadership development, team building, and personal development activities.

The entire M1 class will explore Chicago’s world famous Art Institute of Chicago while getting to learn more about your classmates and your own teamwork skills. Your M1 class will participate in a teamwork and leadership activity with members of the M2 class on Friday August 2nd, 2019.

Evaluation feedback from past Breakaway Retreat Participants

"This is the first teamwork retreat I had ever been on and I definitely found this a rewarding experience. Lots of teamwork was fostered through the challenges that we faced."

"This was an awesome event. I had a blast and I connected with my teammates in a way that I could not have in any other setting. I absolutely loved it!"

"I had such a great time. Amazing way to meet some new people."

"Loved it! Made some close friends."

"Really enjoyable experience. 'Surprisingly fun,' even."

"Great way to get people to meet each other in a non-classroom setting."

"Great - really good bonding and learning experience!"

"A lot of fun, I bonded a lot with my classmates."