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Mobile Computing

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine adheres to Northwestern University's Mobile Security Device Guidelines. However, in addition to Northwestern University requirements, Feinberg has additional regulatory mandates with which it must comply, including HIPAA/HITECH, FERPA and PIPA. Therefore, Feinberg is using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync to comply with Feinberg's Device Security Policy. 

What This Means for You

As of September 6, 2016, Feinberg users who wish to use an email application such as Apple or Android Mail to receive messages to a smartphone or tablet must set a six-digit passcode. Android users must also turn on that device's encryption setting (Apple devices are automatically encrypted once the passcode is set). If your device does not meet these standards, you will receive prompts when you attempt to send or receive messages. Smartphone and tablet users do not need to install any additional software onto these devices. 

Smartphone and tablet users who cannot meet these standards may continue using Outlook via any web browser.