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Anatomy Suite

The Anatomy Suite is designed to enhance students’ anatomical learning experiences with expanded access to learning technologies. Whether you're an individual student seeking focused study or a small group aiming to delve deeper, the Suite is offered to you for supplemental learning.  

For the initial pilot beginning Fall 2023 and running through the close of the academic year, the space is open on Mondays and Wednesdays, 1-5pm, for groups up to 4 people. We are asking to limit reservations to a maximum of 2 hours per week. We will be asking for feedback on the space to make it increasingly useful. 

Reserve your time slot below, and remember to bring your Wildcard for entry. 

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Key Technologies and Resources

Ultrasound Devices

Butterfly devices provide you with a tangible connection to ultrasound imagery on iPads (also provided in the Suite), allowing you to gain practical skills.

Augmented Reality Lessons

Visualize and interact with anatomical models in three dimensions through the HoloLens

The Puente Table

Engage with VH Dissector on an oversized touchscreen monitor developed in-house at Feinberg: The Puente Table. The Puente Table can be used vertically or horizontally (to simulate an anatomy table) depending on your desired learning preferences.

Future Expansion

We’re hoping the Anatomy Suite is a useful and utilized space by students across programs at Feinberg. The initial pilot (September 2023 - June 2024) will tell us how often the suite is utilized and what tools and technologies we might consider adding for learner benefit. 

Booking the Space