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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Scholarship Supporters Honored at Annual Luncheon

Medical student scholars and leadership at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine expressed their gratitude to generous alumni, faculty, and friends who support scholarships at the annual Commitment to Scholarships Luncheon held Saturday, April 27, at the Ritz-Carlton in Chicago. This year, 250 people joined in this celebration, including nearly 90 students.

Newly Established Scholarships

Gregory A. and Mary V. Stainer Scholarship Fund
Terri and Joseph Gugenheim, MD Scholarship
Glen and Mayme Corley Scholarship
Kenneth D. Allweiss, MD, Scholarship Fund
Justin A. Zivin, MD, PhD Memorial Award
Dr. Edward A. Newman Family Scholarship Fund
Sean D. O'Connor, MD Scholarship
Charles D. Dillon, MD, Scholarship for Primary Care
Classes of 1966 and 1969 Scholarship
Diversity in Medicine Scholarship Fund (initiated by the Class of 2019 to give back)
Jerome Falk Medical Student Scholarship
Dr. Nathaniel and Helen Wisch Scholarship

“We remain eternally grateful as each year our scholarship donors continue to provide support while new donors join the scholarship family,” said the luncheon’s emcee, Diane B. Wayne, ’91 MD, vice dean for Education, chair of Medical Education, and the Dr. John Sherman Appleman Professor of Medical Education. Dr. Wayne also is a supporter of the Lynda Singshinsuk Class of 1991 Scholarship. She was pleased to recognize the parents of the late Ms. Singshinsuk, who attended the event.

Providing scholarship support for our exceptional students is a top priority for our dean, Eric Neilson, MD, and of We Will. The Campaign for Northwestern Medicine. Through this campaign and well into the future, we hope to provide some type of tuition support to all students who have debt, which would require an $800 million endowment for scholarships. Today, the Feinberg scholarship endowment stands at an approximate value of $191 million thanks to thousands of generous supporters who give to this priority area of need.

Members of the Class of 1969 endowed a scholarship to support future generations of Northwestern medical alumni.

Dr. Wayne shared that 12 scholarships have been established since last year’s luncheon, including the Class of 1969 Scholarship, created by a generous group of Northwestern medical school alumni celebrating their 50-year reunion.

“The scholarship is a real tribute to what we can do as a class and how proud we are of Northwestern,” said luncheon speaker Louis Fazen III, ’69 MD. “It’s great to see the students here today—they are the future of medicine. We wish the students well and think this is a great opportunity to lower tuition for them.”

Dr. Fazen’s father and grandfather also earned their medical degrees at Northwestern, and today their descendants fund a scholarship in the family’s name.

Leaders in Scholarship Philanthropy Awarded

During the event, Dr. Wayne presented three Crystal Apple awards to loyal scholarship supporters who have made a difference by giving and inspiring others.

Glenna Corley, MD, a loyal Northwestern alumna, was honored at the event for her generosity to the medical school.

Glenna Corley, MD

After graduating from Northwestern’s Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences in 1949 with a degree in biological sciences, Dr. Glenna Corley earned a medical degree and practiced as a pathologist on the East Coast, before returning to Illinois to help run her family’s 700+ acre farm.

As an ever-loyal Northwestern alumna, Dr. Corley has made plans to create a scholarship for Northwestern medical students through her estate. It will be named in memory of her parents.

Richard and Jilma Magnus

A successful Chicago businessman, Mr. Richard Magnus—along with his wife, Jilma, and their family—created a scholarship in honor of the late Patrick Sullivan, ’65 MD, ’70 GME, the doctor who saved his life twice. Dr. Sullivan was not only a Northwestern alumnus; he also practiced internal medicine at Northwestern for 43 years. 

In addition to supporting medical education, the Magnus’s generously give to other areas that matter to them across Feinberg.

Gary Rusk, ’69 MD

Dr. Gary Rusk, a dedicated medical and undergraduate alumnus, has been supporting Northwestern for 43 years. A psychiatrist in New York, Dr. Rusk serves as chair of the Philanthropy Committee on Feinberg’s Medical Alumni Association Board.

Notably, he was a steadfast champion of his 50-year reunion class’s scholarship fundraising effort, encouraging his classmates to join in the worthy effort to support future generations of Northwestern medical alumni. The Class of 1969 Scholarship was endowed at the close of 2018, and the first Class of 1969 Scholar will be named next fall.

Ramael Ohiomoba, a first-year medical student, expressed gratitude to all of the scholarship supporters.

Student Scholars Share Their Stories

Before the event came to a close, two first-year Feinberg students, Ramael Ohiomoba and Dane Sannes, took the podium. They talked about their pathways to medical school, their experiences so far at Feinberg, and their aspirations for the future. They also emphasized how thankful they were to everyone in the room for their essential support.

“I stand before you today with the great honor of sharing my classmates’ and my own gratitude to the donors both present here today and afar. It is in no small part due to your support that many of us have been able to take advantage of the wonderful experiences provided at Feinberg,” said Mr. Sannes, the Jerold A. Lein Scholar.

Dane Sannes (middle), a first-year medical student and speaker at the luncheon, chatted with Louis Fazen III, ’69 MD, and guest Victoria Wheary.

“Because of your generous donations, I have been able to develop lasting relationships with world-renowned mentors, engage in an abundance of research opportunities, and gain fulfillment through community service projects in one of the most vibrant cities in the world,” said Ms. Ohiomoba, who holds the Medical Alumni Scholarship.

“I realize how fortunate I am to be able to focus on taking advantage of these opportunities without having to constantly worry about my personal financial limitations. I thank you for giving me this freedom and the gift of education,” she added.

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