Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine


Named Scholarships

Following is the list of Feinberg medical scholarships sponsored by generous individual and groups, as of May 2018. If you would like to see a list of named awards, please click here

Named Endowed Scholarships at the Medical School

Dr. Whitney Addington Scholarship
Kenneth D. Allweiss, MD, Scholarship
Medical Alumni Scholarship
The Alfreda Scholarship
George D. Amromin Medical Student Scholarship
Kathleen Patterson Appel Memorial Scholarship
Steven A. and Elaine K. Azuma Scholarship
Dr. Ralph E. Balch Medical Scholarship 
Frederick G. Barr Medical Student Scholarship
Edwin G. and Nona C. Barton Scholarship
George E. and Maude C. Baxter Scholarship
Benzon Family Scholarship
George and Bon E. Berner Memorial Scholarship
Grace Malstrom Besser Scholarship
James F. Bishop Scholarship
Ashley M. Brand Scholarship in Medicine
Dr. Jerome Brown Medical Scholarship
William F. and Hazel Buckley Memorial Scholarship
J. Reuben and Corolyn Budd Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. Alfred S. Burdick Scholarship
Burton Scholarship Fund
Stanley Burton, MD, Scholarship
Class of 1955 Bruno Epstein Scholarship
Class of 1957 Scholarship
Class of 1958 Scholarship
Class of 1959 Scholarship
Class of 1960 Scholarship
Class of 1961 Scholarship
Class of 1962 Scholarship
Class of 1963 Scholarship
Class of 1964 Scholarship
Class of 1967 Dean Lewis Landsberg, MD, Scholarship
Class of 1968 Scholarship
Class of 1970 Scholarship
Class of 1971 Scholarship
Class of 1974 Scholarship
Class of 1987 Scholarship
Lynda Singshinsuk Class of 1991 Scholarship
Dr. Meyer Chapman Scholarship
Thorwald N. Christiansen Scholarship
Dr. John A.D. Cooper Scholarship
Thomas Corbridge Scholarship Fund to Honor Excellence in Teaching
Ginny Darakjian Scholarship
The Ken and Ruth Davee Scholarship
Noel A. DeBacker, MD, Endowed Scholarship
Doll-McEwen Scholarship
Edna L. Dunning Scholarship
Sally Edelsberg Scholarship in Physical Therapy
Gurli and Oscar Ekstedt Sr. Scholarship
The George L. Englert Scholarship
Alma R. Everett Scholarship
Dr. Louis E. Fazen Sr. Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Richard D. and Michelle Ferkel Scholarship
Antone Cosmo Fina Scholarship
Richard Henry Fisk Scholarship
Dr. Edson Brady Fowler Scholarship
William and Mary Ann Frable Merit Scholarship
Rogers and Mace Garrison Foundation Scholarship
Gerber Family Scholarship
Dr. Gerard M. and Mary L. Smerge Goshgarian Scholarship
J. Douglas Gray Scholarship
Leslie J. and Ruth F. Greenwald Scholarship
B. Herold Griffith, MD, Scholarship
Terri and Joseph Gugenheim, MD, Scholarship
Anna Gulick Scholarship
Bernice and Herbert Gustavson Scholarship
Meryl H. Haber, MD, Scholarship
Betty M. Hahneman, MD, MPH, Scholarship
Oliver Cromwell Hargreaves, MD, Scholarship
Edward R. Hays Scholarship
Janet L. Hemzacek Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Arnold and Fern Heyman Scholarship
Doris Hicks Scholarship
The Sam U. and Helen T. Ho Scholarship in Memory of Raymond and Emma Tong
Dr. DeWayne and Barbara Hofer Endowed Scholarship
Dr. J. Hollister and Dr. F. Martin Scholarship
Dr. Walter W. and Lindsay Huurman Scholarship
Mark and Mary Ann Kaufman Enrichment Fund Scholarship
Beatrice Joyce Kean Scholarship
Olga Kellenberger Memorial Scholarship
James P. and Christine M. Kelly Family Medical Scholarship
Herbert Kilgore Scholarship
Ruth D. Killips Scholarship
Dr. David J. and Deborah Y. Kim Family Scholarship
William Kleinschmidt, MD, Scholarship
Susan Anderson Kline, MD, Scholarship
Laurel and Clarence Koennecke Scholarship
Sandra and Dennis Kontra, MD, Scholarship
Helen Kozlowski Scholarship
Joseph and Elizabeth Kratina Scholarship
Katherine Kurtz Endowed Scholarship
Robert A. and Charlene M. Kyle Scholarship
Adolf Frederick Lange Scholarship
Alexander Lapacz Scholarship
Jerold A. Lein Scholarship
Lenke Family Scholarship
Levin Family Scholarship
Harry W. Linde Honors Program Research Fellowship Fund
Mildred Dawson Lusk Scholarship
Irving Charles Marcus Memorial Scholarship
Dr. David M. and Mary Pim Margulies Scholarship
Hazel Turner McNeal Scholarship
McNicol-Flair-Sheldon Scholarship
MD Endowed Scholarship
A. Merrill Miller, MD, Scholarship
Stephen H. Miller, MD, Scholarship
Mills Family Scholarship
Dr. David Monash Scholarship
Waldo P. Mudgett Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. John B. Murphy Memorial Scholarship
Julie Y. Namkung Memorial Summer Scholar Fund
Dr. Edward A. Newman Family Scholarship
Clarence A. Neymann Scholarship
Sean D. O'Connor, MD, Scholarship
Harold C. Olausson Scholarship
Dr. Gordon Oldham Scholarship
Mrs. Lizzie Walser Oliphant, MD, Memorial Scholarship
Dr. Clinton B. Olney Scholarship
Gordon and Ann Palais Scholarship
Dr. James W. Packard Jr. Scholarship
Morris L. Parker Scholarship
Dr. Susan Perlman Scholarship
Dr. Freddie Peterson Scholarship
Edward K. and Vivian J. Ploner Medical Scholarship and Loan Fund
Charles A. Poindexter Scholarship
Daisy R. Poindexter Scholarship
Department of Radiation Oncology Endowed Scholarship
Carole M. and Clifford C. Raisbeck Jr., MD, Scholarship
Fredrick Rawson, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Camille Lange Rathbun Scholarship
Mary Beth Richmond, MD, Scholarship
Vera A. Riebel Scholarship
Nasreen and Imtiaz Rizvi Travel Scholarship
Dr. Jadwiga Roguska-Kyts Scholarship
Dr. Peter A. Rosi Scholarship
Wilma and Jacob Sacks Memorial Scholarship
Rufus H. Sage Scholarship
Benjamin L. Sargent Scholarship
Dr. John M. Scantleton Scholarship
Peggy S. Crawford, MD and Bruce F. Scharschmidt, MD, Merit Scholarship
Lewis and Alice Schimberg Scholarship
Olga Sederstram Scholarship
Dr. Arthur and Mrs. Elaine Sherman HPME International Travel Fund
Sidra Medical Scholarship
Jack Snarr Scholarship
Snorf Medical Student Scholarship
Craig Snyder Scholarship
Dr. Gregory A. and Mary V. Stainer Scholarship Fund
Dr. Frederick Stenn Memorial Award for Humanism in Medicine
Dr. Neil Stone Award
Neil J. Stone, MD, Scholarship
Anne Stronberg Memorial Scholarship
Patrick Sullivan, MD, Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Tim and Jeanie Sullivan Scholarship
Jack Thompson, MD, Scholarship
Dr. Howard S. and Regina G. Traisman Scholarship Fund
Dr. and Mrs. George C. Turnbull Medical Fellowship
Magnus Peter Urnes, MD, Scholarship
Paul D. Urnes, MD, Scholarship
Theodore R. and Janet W. Van Dellen Memorial Scholarship
Vavra-Silverman Scholarship
Eve and Arthur Veis, PhD, Scholarship
Vernon C. Voltz, MD, Scholarship
Dorothy Voss/Elizabeth Wood Physical Therapy Scholarship
Marjorie Walker Scholarship
Ernest E. Walkes Scholarship
Walter B. and Arlene B. Wildstein Scholarship
Drs. Louis and Paul Wolf and Rose Wolf Scholarship
Wolf-Saltiel Scholarship
Edna Foster Wright Scholarship Fund
Walter Robert Yates Scholarship
J. Howard Young Scholarship
Zell Family Foundation Scholarship
Norval F. Zimmerman Scholarship

Named Expendable Scholarships at the Medical School

Marlys Ann Aiken Scholarship
Dr. and Mrs. Alex Bart Family Scholarship
Feinberg School of Medicine Scholarship
John Flanagan Scholarship
Sharon Huang Memorial Scholarship
The Physical Therapy Scholarship
Michael A. Polacek, MD, Scholarship
Reunion Class Scholarship
Satter Foundation Scholarship
Dr. David H. Steninger Memorial Scholarship