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Interim Processes for Remote Environment

Please review the notices below for interim changes to payroll transaction processing while working in a remote environment. For questions, please email


 Payroll Transactions - Terminations Only

March 16, 2020

With the University moving to a remote-work environment due to COVID-19, Feinberg and HR Ops have developed an interim solution for pay-impacted paperwork through April 3, 2020.  If remote-work continues beyond April 3, further guidelines will be provided.

Priority and processing will occur only for terminations until April 3, 2020.  All other payroll transactions should be held until after April 3, or until further instructions are provided.

Effective immediately, departments should utilize OnBase to submit termination paperwork. 

  1. Departments will receive any non-Dean's Office required signatures manually.  During the interim period, Finance and Administration will accept:
    1. A digital Adobe signature or e-signature on form (LinkedIn Learning for both options found here and here).
    2. An email approval attached to the Position/Appointment Form file
    3. An email approval to referencing the unique identifier OnBase creates upon submission of documents.
    4. Wet signature on scanned copy of related documents.
  2. Departments will submit the completed paperwork through the existing OnBase form.
    1. All paperwork and supporting documentation must be combined into a single file to upload.
    2. Only terminations will be allowed at this point.
    3. Upon submission, the requestor MUST include the department/unit administrator in the “Additional Email #1” field (unless the administrator is the one submitting the request).
  3. Submission will route to Finance and Administration to review.
    1. If the submission requires edits and/or additional information, Finance and Administration will reject.  The requestor will be notified via email, including the reason for rejection.  The requestor must re-submit a new transaction, with corrections made.
  4. Finance and Administration will approve the request, which will route to HR Ops for processing.  The requestor will be notified upon Finance and Administration approval, and HR Ops processing completion.

If you submitted any paperwork via campus mail today (Monday, March 16) please resend the materials via the process outlined above (for terminations only, hold other paperwork for further instruction).

HR Operations provides information and guidance on how to utilize OnBase for paper work here.  Online videos for Adobe Acrobat editing can be found through myHR Learn (skip to Chapter 7 for how to edit a PDF).

We will continue to share adjustments to work flow processes as we approach additional deadlines that may be impacted. We appreciate your patience and flexibility during this time.  As always, please let us know if there are any questions.

 Paper Journals - Urgent Submissions Only

March 17, 2020

The interim email workflow procedure is to be used effective immediately for cost transfer journals previously routed as physical paper submissions. Please follow the procedure exactly, especially around file naming and what to include in the email. For our office’s approval please use the email address and we will route accordingly.

It is recommended this interim procedure be used for urgent submissions only, as it will be replaced with a semi-automated workflow using OnBase (expected implementation within a few weeks). When possible, departments are encouraged to hold paper submissions until the new procedure is complete, but may use the attached interim procedure for journals that can’t wait.

Additional communication will be forthcoming about the replacement OnBase procedure as soon as it is available.

 FSM Calendar and Important Dates for April

March 30, 2020

Please be aware of the following dates:

  • Friday, April 3 – Monthly paperwork due to Finance and Admin
  • Wednesday, April 15 – All monthly terms must be submitted to Finance and Admin to avoid overpayments
  • Tuesday, April 28 – Early FSM deployment deadline

Process Updates – Payroll paperwork submissions moving onto OnBase

In addition to terminations, all other payroll paperwork should be submitted through OnBase beginning no earlier than Friday, April 3. Payroll forms and any supporting documentation should be combined into a single PDF file and attached to the submission. Approval workflow will be determined by the selections made on the OnBase form and will route to designated department administrators, Faculty Affairs Office, NMG, Med-Finance and other approvers as necessary. The approvals in OnBase will take the place of approvers’ signatures on forms. Forms with errors or requiring additional information will be rejected and will need to be re-entered.

Please make all efforts to adhere to the FSM deadlines on the attached calendar to ensure payroll transactions acquire all necessary approvals and are processed in a timely manner.

 Payroll Paperwork Submissions Moving onto OnBase

April 3, 2020

As previously announced, we are introducing the use of OnBase for submitting all payroll paperwork. All transaction types that were formerly submitted via paper hard copy to Finance & Administration should now be submitted through OnBase. Please note that the process for any transaction types that are normally submitted online in myHR will not change and should continue to be entered in myHR. 

Beginning today, Friday, April 3, please submit payroll paperwork to Finance & Administration through OnBase. At this time, please do not use OnBase to submit transactions that you would normally submit via paper hard copy to the Faculty Affairs Office (FAO), with the exception of terminations that you are already submitting via OnBase. FAO will follow up shortly with the procedures for electronic submission of the additional transactions (new appointments, reappointments, appointment changes, etc.) handled by their office.

Attached are step-by-step instructions for both requesters and approvers. If you are a requester, it is recommended that all payroll paperwork is fully prepared and ready to upload prior to logging into OnBase and initiating a request. If you have been designated as a department approver, please be sure to review the instructions for reviewing and approving requests. For additional instructions for approvers, please refer to HR OnBase Approver’s Quick Guide.

Please be reminded that department, NMG, FAO and Med-Finance level signatures are not required on the payroll forms. These approvals are recorded when the request is routed through the appropriate workflow and electronic approval is applied to the OnBase request. If your payroll transaction requires additional approvals not listed (such as OSR, Effort, ASRSP, Provost’s Office) or if the request type for the transaction you are trying to process is not listed, please check with FAO or Med-Finance, as appropriate, prior to submitting these requests, for how those approvals will need to be acquired.

April 8, 2020

We would like to emphasize the section in the OnBase request form that allows for additional documents to be uploaded. Please note that any forms listed in this section should be separated from your payroll document packet and uploaded separately using the appropriate form button in the Additional Documents section.

These forms are:

  • Personal Data Form
  • W4 Federal Form
  • W4 State Form
  • Resignation Letter
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