Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Office of Finance and Administration

Funding Updates and Journal Entries

Entering Funding Updates

For instructions on how to update funding in myHR please see the Deployed Funding Guide.

For instructions on how to change funding within 90 days in myHR and complete a journal entry, please see Changing Funding Retroactively with Journal Entry.

Entering Over 90 Day Journals

Effective January 2, 2019, retroactive salary transfers between chart strings for charges over 90 days can be entered in myHR using the existing myHR "Enter Journals" panel. 

FSM requires the following documents to be attached to over 90 day journals entered in myHR:

  1. Signed 90 Day Justification Memo
  2. Journal Entry Salary Template
  3. Certified Effort Report, if applicable and available

For more information, see Online Over 90 Day Journals.

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Over 12 months old from the start date of the journal
  2. A transfer between a payroll and a scholarship/stipend account
  3. Over 90 day journals for temp employees

Forms and Templates

SDA for 9-month Medical Faculty

The SDA form is used for percentages of sponsored project activities over 75% for a 9 month contract employment period or 91.66% for an 11 month employment contract. Direct charging of faculty salary through HRIS will not work as it will exceed the total monthly salary charge.