Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Office of Finance and Administration

Independent Contractors

Engaging With Independent Contractors

It is expected that Northwestern activities will be carried out to the maximum extent possible by using the services of regular and temporary employees. However, independent contractors or consultants may be used when necessary services cannot be provided adequately by regular and temporary employees within the scope of their employment or in emergency temporary circumstances.

For more information about engaging with independent contractors, please see Independent Contractor Policies.

To determine if an individual is an independent contractor, complete the Independent Contractor Questionnaire and send to Human Resources Compensation at

Paying Nonresident Independent Contractors

Prior to service, provide the contractor with the Non-Resident Independent Contractor Payment Packet.

Once the service has been completed, obtain signatures from the contractor, PI, and OSR, as needed. For school approval, the completed and signed payment packet should be sent to the Office of Finance and Administration. Upon approval, the packet will then be routed to Payroll for processing.

For additional information, please visit Paying Nonresident Independent Contractors.