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Actuals Journals

An actuals journal can be done at any time. Actuals journals are used to handle a variety of transactions. Most journals done are to address the specific instances listed below:

The most commonly used actuals journals are the following. Each journal processes a different type of transaction. Provided below is a quick guide on how to enter each one. There are other actuals journals besides the ones listed below. Staff require additional access to process these specialty journals. They are the Journal Spreadsheet (Upload Journal), the Balance Sheet Journal, and the Direct Journal.

Correction Journal

Internal Sales Journal

Transfer Journal

Agency Journal

To create or search for any of the journals above, you can go to NUFinancials through the NUPortal and go to Portal Actuals Journal.

Journal (Upload) Spreadsheet

The Journal (Upload) spreadsheet is to be used when a journal has 15 or more lines. A macro enabled Excel spreadsheet template is used to record journal lines. Journal spreadsheets are sent via email to for processing. However, to upload/submit a journal spreadsheet, one must have a department/individual mask ID. If there is no mask ID for the department, the upload journal can be sent to your Financial Administrator in the Office of Finance and Administration to be sent for upload and processing. After the journal spreadsheet has been approved by Accounting Services, the Excel file will be converted into a text file (flat file) and uploaded into NUFinancials. Charges appear in NUFinancials generally on the same day. Charges can be verified by performing an Actuals Journal Search on the NUPortal under the Finance & Accounting tab.

The journal upload template can be found on the Financial Operations website. Also to be found at the same link are instructions as to how to create a journal spreadsheet and current registrants and assigned mask IDs.

Things to Keep in Mind

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