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Financial Management

The Office of Finance and Administration wants to support departments and centers with the documentation and specialists they might need when interacting with Feinberg’s Northwestern Medicine affiliates. Find information below.

Finance Staff Assignments

Our Chart of Assignments provides an at-a-glance look at Finance staff assignments, so departments know to whom they should send inquiries.

Published Ad hoc reports

Published Ad hoc report

Transfer Codes

Download the preferred Transfer Codes of Feinberg Finance and Administration.

NMFF Payment Information

When paying NMFF for anything, please use vendor id 0000089697. Feinberg does one payment per month via wire to NMFF one monthly wire transfer, as we do with NMH.  Because of this, your payments may not be going directly to the person that you have sent them to in the past.  It is important that you include as much information as you have to identify the payment to NMFF, when you request payment.  Some types of information are; invoice numbers, dates, any appropriate names, NMFF chartstring or account information, etc.

It is also important that you use the NMFF-specific account codes when paying from all non-sponsored chartstrings.  If you use another code you will be asked to correct by the Office of Finance and Administration.

Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMH) Payment Information

The vendor number for NMH is 0000076751. Feinberg does one payment per month via wire to NMH, which is how they pay us. With each monthly wire, Feinberg Accounts Payable (AP) generates and sends a report to NMH with all the information that they need to correctly apply your payment. AP returns any vouchers in an unpaid status for departments to create new vouchers using the new vendor code.  If you have any blankets for NMH, you will need to close them and create new ones with the correct vendor #. If you have autopays (e.g, for rent), AP will change the vendor # on those and they will be paid with the monthly payment.

This process, established in 2011, requires that you enter your online voucher to pay an NMH invoice. You must include relevant identifying information in the “Message to Vendor” field. The field is 70 characters, so you may have to abbreviate some information. The basic information that they need is:

Download Inter-Entity Codes

Download NMH Cover Sheet

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For additional information, please contact Maggie Akkari at 312-503-4540.