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Financial Management Systems Security Access Forms

Security access requests to Northwestern’s financial management systems require forms. These forms must be used when requesting for new access, modifying access, or inactivating access for an individual. There are four separate security access request forms.

Once the security access request form has been signed by both the individual and the individual’s department, please forward the form to your Financial Administrator in our office. If the person is an NU affiliate (i.e. Lurie, NMH, etc.) then a Non NU Employee Security Access form should be included as well.  The administrator will review the form, approve, and send to for processing.

The Financial Management Systems Security Access Forms, along with additional information, can be found on the Financial Operations website.

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Visitor Expense Reimbursements

It is the policy of Northwestern University (NU) to reimburse individuals who are not University faculty or staff, but who have incurred expenses for University-approved, business-related expenses, including transportation, lodging, and other travel or non-travel costs. This would include, but not limited to:

The department/school is responsible for informing the visitor of the University's expense reimbursement policies prior to his/her incurring of expenses, providing the visitor with the Visitor's Expense Report form to document expenses, collecting from the visitor the vendor information required for processing the reimbursement, and having all visitor forms properly completed and processed.

Visitor’s Expense Report

For additional information on processing visitor's expense reimbursements and the Visitor’s Expense Report Form please visit the Financial Operations website.

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Contracted Services Form

To make payments to U.S. resident independent contractor individuals, you must submit a completed and signed Contracted Services Form for U.S. Residents with the invoice and all pertinent documentation.

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Foreign Payments

Accounts Payable (AP) can make payments to a foreign country by using a service provided by Travelex Global Business Payments, Inc. (formerly Ruesch International). The payment can be in a foreign currency or U.S. Dollars and paid via a draft/check or electronic funds/wire transfer as required by the vendor.

To make an international payment fill out a Direct Payment Request form and, for wire transfers, also fill out an AP International Wire Transfer Request form. Obtain all needed approvals, and send the DPR, AP International Wire Transfer Request (as required) and pertinent documentation either to Accounts Payable or, for sponsored projects, to ASRSP. Please note that all direct payment request forms for international wire transfer requests should be emailed to for signature by the Dean's Office.

For more information, refer to the following:

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Expense Policy Exception Request Form

In those instances where requests for travel and other business expenses do not conform to stated University and/or Feinberg School of Medicine policies, an Expense Policy Exception Request Form, available on the NUPortal Financial tab under Payments, must be submitted with the transaction (expense report, payment request, requisition, etc) in NUFinancials explaining the reasons for not conforming to stated University policies. All expense policy exception forms must be signed by the dean, vice dean or their designees.

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90 Day Rule Justification Memo Form

Under university policy, all expenditures and other costs should be posted within 90 days of their occurrence; in addition all cost transfers, including salary, should be completed within 90-days of their original transaction date. When a transaction falls out the of this 90-day window, a justification is required and subject to review and approval by central accounting staff before the transaction is accepted for posting. For these instances, the 90 Day Rule Justification Memo Form must be completed and included with the transaction.

Things to Keep in Mind

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New Purchasing Documentation Process

Procurement and Payment Services has implemented a new streamlined process to document purchasing decisions made by departments and schools.  Staff no longer need to choose Bid Documentation Form (BD-1) or Sole Source Justification Form (SSJ-1) at the beginning of the process.  The new online process prompts staff to answer a series of questions, and when finished, the appropriate form will be generated:

The new process is now available to use at Purchasing Decision Documentation. You can visit the Bids by Departments/Schools page for more information on the process, including the form link, job aid, an overview of what information is needed for submission.

Beginning January 1, 2019, only the online form will be accepted. For more information, please see the Purchasing Decision Documentation job aid.

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Chartfield Request/Inactivation Forms

Chartfield Request Forms

A new ChartField (or Chart String) is requested when an existing ChartField value or management Chart String does not meet a need to capture unique financial activity for appropriate monitoring or financial accounting purposes. ChartField Request Forms support requests for new Department IDs, Project IDs (non-grant), Program Codes, ChartField 1 values, or Account codes. The ChartField Request Form also supports updates and inactivation of these fields. However, you will still need to use the previous business process for combination chart string inactivations. This will be discussed in detail in the following section.

To have a ChartField/Chart String created a department must utilize the electronic Chartfield Request Form available in NUFinancials. To access this form, go to Chartfield Request Form in NUFinancials. Please note, that only non-grant (non-sponsored) chartfield values may be requested using this online form.

As stated above, the form supports the requests of several options.

Most requests will be those that fall under the Project ID option, however, please choose the option that best suits your department’s needs. Once the option has been chosen, the system will take you to through the proper screens for your use.

When submitting your request, please make sure to attach all appropriate supporting documentation. For example:

Chartfield Inactivation Forms

The same online form that is used for requesting (adding) Chart Strings can be used to inactivate a department or project. Just choose Inactive as your option in the drop down box. To inactivate a project, a GL005 Cognos report showing a zero balance for the project must be submitted with the online form.

Combination Chart String Inactivation

In the event that a department is closing a project that is linked with multiple chart strings (same project housed in more than one department or same project linked to more than one fund, 171/172), then the online inactivation form discussed previously cannot be used. One must fill out the Inactivation of Chart string Combinations excel template, which can be found under the Inactivate a ChartField or Chart String Process section. The GL005 Cognos report showing a zero balance is required as additional documentation.

Visit Request or Inactivate A Chartfield Value or Chart String for more information.

Things to keep in mind

Use the Electronic ChartField Request Form :

Use the Chart String Combinations Template (Excel Form):

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