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Office of Finance and Administration

Corporate Card

The Corporate Card is intended to streamline and simplify the purchasing process for certain types of transactions. It is a tool that facilitates timely acquisition of materials and supplies, reduces transaction costs, and automates data flow for accounting purposes. The Corporate Card should never be used to avoid or bypass the current University policies and procedures. All purchases must be made in compliance with established University purchasing policies & procedures and FSM’s Card Policy and Procedures. These Policies and Procedures can be found at:

Feinberg School of Medicine Corporate Cardholder Guide

Northwestern University Corporate Cardholder Guide

Purchasing and Payment Policy and Procedures

Travel, Entertainment & Courtesy Policy

All individuals involved with the Corporate Card including Cardholders, Allocators, Reviewers, and Post Auditors are expected to understand and follow all NU/FSM policies and procedures. Intentional misuse or fraudulent use will result in personal liability and/or disciplinary action. The Corporate Card is not transferable and may not be used by anyone other than the Cardholder.

Obtaining a Corporate Card

Only current NU staff are allowed to obtain a Corporate Card (no faculty member, temporary employees, visiting post docs, work-study, contractors or NU affiliates).

Note: FSM cards cannot be used for travel and entertainment (other than catering brought into the University, alcohol is unallowable). The Travel and Entertainment box on the application does not need to be checked. Checking this box will result in the application being sent back to you for revision.

The standard starting credit limits for FSM are $2,500 per transaction and $5,000 per month. If you require a higher limit please email the Financial Manager, Rachel Rufer,, with a compelling reason as to the high limit request. Please keep in mind that the Corporate Card is not meant to replace using NUFinancials for placing orders.

Purchases with the Corporate Card

*Please note: the above list in not a comprehensive list and FSM reserves the right to deny any purchase made to a questionable vendor.

My Wallet

My Wallet is the process used for accounting and reconciling charges made with the Corporate Card. Best practice is to reconcile charges weekly. Reconciliation is required monthly. Cards will be suspended if transactions are not reconciled within 90 days.

Monitor Corporate Card Activity

Access My Wallet via the NUPortal

  1. Log into the NUPortal.
  2. Select NUFinancials.
  3. Navigate to My Wallet: Navigator > Employee Self Service > Travel and Expenses > My Wallet
  4. Enter employee ID or name and click search; choose results.
  5. Select Finish.

FFRA Training

NUFinancials training is available in myHR Learn

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