Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

Office of Finance and Administration

Budget & Forecast

NUPlans is specialized budget and planning software that connects with NUFinancials.

Northwestern has two NUPlans systems: Annual Budgeting and Forecasting.

Annual Budgeting

NUPlans Annual Budgeting is used between April and July to prepare operating budgets for the upcoming fiscal year. NUPlans Annual Budgeting includes:

Budgets prepared in NUPlans are imported to NUFinancials in July and the data in NUPlans becomes read-only at that time.

Access NUPlans Annual Budgeting through:

Login links for NUPlans Contributor and NUPlans Web can be found in the System Logins section of the NUPortal.

FY20 Budget Resources


NUPlans Forecasting is used throughout the year to develop fiscal-year based forecasts. It provides support for multi-level forecasting at the account, chart string, and/or all-funds levels. Data is imported monthly from NUFinancials, and additional modules support grant, salary, and tuition forecasting.

NUPlans Forecasting can be accessed by logging into NUPlans Web in the System Logins section of the NUPortal.