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For Faculty Search Committees

Faculty search committees are tasked with recruiting exceptional and diverse talent to the faculty.  Review the phases of the recruitment process below and access guidance on how to reach a diverse applicant pool. Please note that Northwestern University now requires that applicants to full-time faculty positions complete an online job application.


The search committee chair is responsible for the search process to identify and select the most qualified candidate to fill a position. The search committee chair ensures that the approved search strategy documented in the pre-search form is carried out.

Every search committee should include a senior faculty member (at the rank of associate professor or professor) formally designated as the equity representative. This individual will ensure that best practices are followed during the search to identify underrepresented minority candidates and that an active, affirmative and equitable search is carried out.

Search Phase

Feinberg Resources for Planning a Faculty Search

Strategies for Maximizing Diversity in Faculty Searches: The Faculty Affairs Office has prepared this short document with helpful suggestions on how to attract a diverse and talented pool of applicants for faculty positions. Please review the suggestions and incorporate as many as possible into your searches.

Job Posting Venues for Basic Science Positions

Job Posting Venues for Clinical Positions

Provost’s Resources for Planning a Faculty Search

The Office of the Provost has developed resources that search committees may wish to review.  Please note that not all guidance is directly relevant to the medical school.

  • Faculty Search Guidelines: This document establishes the guidelines that all Northwestern schools should follow in conducting faculty searches, and underpins the specific strategies and guidelines that Feinberg has implemented.
  • Role of the Equity Representative: This website offers guidance for the faculty member serving as the equity representative for a search.  
  • Unconscious Bias: Unconscious bias refers to thoughts and feelings that are outside of conscious awareness and control. This page provides links to some online resources, a list of suggested strategies for minimizing bias in faculty recruitment, and a selected list of academic studies and other articles on the topic. 
  • Basic Interview Guidelines: Learn which questions are permissible and which should be avoided during the interview process