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Health System Clinicians FAQ

 Who is eligible for a Health System Clinician appointment?

Physicians on the medical staff at Northwestern Medicine hospitals are eligible for faculty appointment as a Health System Clinician, pending approval of their chief medical officer, the Feinberg department chair and the Feinberg dean.

 How do I obtain an appointment as a Health System Clinician?

Physicians on the medical staff of Northwestern Medicine hospitals may apply for appointment as a Health System Clinician by submitting the following documents to the chief medical officer of their hospital:

Your chief medical officer will review the materials you submitted. If supportive, they will recommend you for appointment to the appropriate department chair at Feinberg School of Medicine. The department chair will review the recommendation along with your CV and make a recommendation to the Feinberg dean's office. For an appointment to be granted, the department chair and dean must approve. Following approval, you will receive a letter confirming the details of your appointment.

 How long is the appointment term for a Health System Clinician?

Health System Clinicians have one-year appointment terms and are eligible for reappointment annually.

 How do I renew my Health System Clinician appointment?

The process for renewal is managed through the Faculty Affairs Office. Each summer, department chairs and Northwestern Medicine chief medical officers are asked to review Health System Clinician appointments to ensure physicians are in good standing at their clinical practice locations and remain eligible for continued appointment.

 As a Health System Clinician, may I also hold a faculty appointment at another academic institution?

The Health System Clinician appointment at the Feinberg School of Medicine is expected to be your primary academic appointment. You may only hold a faculty appointment at another institution if it is an adjunct appointment.

 Are there Feinberg policies or procedures that apply to Health System Clinicians?

Health System Clinicians are subject to Feinberg and Northwestern University policies such as the Safe and Healthy Learning Environment, Email Forwarding Policy and Conflict of Interest/Disclosure and Professional Integrity Policy. For more information, review our Policies & Handbooks page.

 Am I eligible for benefits at Northwestern University?

Health System Clinicians are unpaid by the Feinberg School of Medicine, so are not eligible for medical, dental, retirement or tuition benefits through Northwestern University. They are employed by clinical affiliates of the Feinberg School of Medicine, so please check with your employer regarding benefits eligibility.

Health System Clinician appointments confer certain university privileges, including access to the Galter Health Sciences Library and a Wildcard, which offers discounts at local businesses. Health System Clinicians are also featured in Feinberg faculty profiles.

 How do I access the Galter Library?

After your appointment as an Health System Clinician is approved, you will receive a university netID that can be used to access the Galter Library:

  • Go to the Galter Library website.
  • Click on the link that says "sign in to access resources."
  • Enter your netID and password.
View our FAQ page if you have questions about finding or activating your netID and password.