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Accepted Investigator Offer

FSM faculty appointments require approval by the FSM Dean, FSM APT Committee (if applicable), and NU Provost.  For appointments of tenure-eligible Investigators (Assistant/Associate Professor ranks), those approvals are typically obtained before the offer letter is sent to the candidate, but for tenured Investigators (Associate/Full Professor ranks), those approvals are typically obtained after the candidate has accepted the offer.

Now that your finalist has accepted your offer, follow these steps to complete the paperwork needed to obtain appointment approvals (if applicable) and to finalize the appointment in myHR, generating the netID and NU email address. 

 Step 1: Finalize Offer in Business Plan Database
Update candidate's acceptance in the business plan database and confirm offer documentation is complete

  • Notify the Faculty Affairs Office ( that the candidate has accepted the offer and the business plan will be updated.  If the candidate will be employed by NMG, also notify This notification triggers NMG to prepare the Employment Agreement. Contact NMG if you have questions about their process. 
  • Confirm the final offer letter (signed by the Department Chair) has been uploaded to the business plan
    • The final letter should be uploaded at the time of sending the offer to the candidate. 
  • Upload the candidate's acceptance of the offer
    • Candidates should sign their offer letter and return it to the department to indicate acceptance

 Step 2: Collect Documents from the Candidate
These candidate documents are required to complete the appointment process.

These candidate documents are required to complete the appointment process.

*Note: Reference letters for tenure-eligible Assistant Professors (4-6 letters) and tenure-eligible Associate Professors (6-8 letters) should have been submitted at the time of offer letter approval, but if they were not, obtain a list of names now, and return to the page on the offer phase for information on how to solicit reference letters. The department chair's office is responsible for soliciting reference letters for tenure-eligible appointments. 

 Step 3: E-mail Research Questionnaire and Referee List to FAO
Expedite the appointment process by emailing these documents to FAO as soon as possible following a candidate's acceptance


  • Candidate's completed Prospective Faculty Research Questionnaire
    This will help FSM anticipate the needs of the candidate as he or she transitions to NU
  • For the ranks of TENURED ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR and PROFESSOR only: send referee list to FAO by email 
    FAO will solicit reference letters while the department prepares the remaining appointment paperwork

 Step 4: Prepare/Distribute Additional Required Documents
Prepare paperwork and coordinate with other offices before sending the appointment packet to FAO

  • Coordinate Additional Appointments 
    • Secondary Appointments: In the offer letter, was the candidate offered a secondary appointment in another department?  If so, contact the administrators in the secondary department to coordinate paperwork. You can add the secondary appointment paperwork to your appointment packet so that everything is processed together.
    • Endowed Professorships: In the offer letter, was the candidate offered an endowed professorship?  If so, complete the nomination process.
  • Prepare Position Data/Appointment Forms
    • Prepare one set for the primary position, and one set for each additional position the candidate will hold in myHR (e.g., secondary appointment, faculty administrative appointment, "NMG Member" position, etc.)
    • For NMG-employed candidates, the "NMG Member" record should always be Record 1 in myHR. Effective April 2020, it is no longer necessary to deliver paper copies of the NMG records to NMG for signature. Appointment packets are now submitted online and routed to NMG for electronic approval.

 Step 5: Submit Packet Online via OnBase
Your submission will be routed to NMG (if applicable), FAO, and payroll

This appointment transaction will be submitted online via OnBase. Once submitted, the transaction is routed for electronic approval to the department approver (unless the submitter is also the department approver), NMG (if applicable), Feinberg (FAO and/or Med-Finance), and payroll.  For more information, including a description of workflow routing and a list of department approvers, visit our OnBase page.

Complete the OnBase submission form and upload the documents listed below:

  • Combine the following documents into a single PDF file and upload to the Position / Appointment Form button. When combining documents, use this order:
    1. New Appointment Cover Sheet, select appropriate one: 
    2. Position Data/Appointment Forms, one set for the primary position, and one set for each additional position in myHR (e.g., secondary appointments, faculty administrative appointments, "NMG member" positions). 
    3. Prior correspondence with FAO regarding special circumstances, if applicable
    4. Reference letters for tenure-eligible appointments, if they were not submitted with the business plan at the time of offer
    5. Other documents (if applicable)
  • Upload the completed Personal Data Form separately to its respective button
    • If an existing faculty member is transitioning to the Investigator track, the personal data form is not necessary, unless the faculty member needs to update information on it.