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Interns / Volunteers

Refer questions to HR Talent Acquisition. The Faculty Affairs Office does not process appointments for interns and volunteers, but we recognize faculty inquire about working with this category of personnel.

As of October 1, 2018, schools/units no longer need to submit requests for unpaid interns and volunteers to Human Resources for review. The Department of Labor (DOL) recently provided updated guidance on determining whether unpaid interns are employees. These updated criteria are less rigid than the previous six-factor test, eliminating confusion and making it easier for schools/units to determine whether their internship meets the criteria to be unpaid.

Using the new tools and resources available online, department administrators, or their designee, may evaluate the intern/volunteer arrangement through their own internal process, and determine if it meets the criteria to be unpaid. Once the department administrators, or their designee, has reviewed and approved the arrangement, they should then submit a request to HR Talent Acquisition via a new online form to have a background check conducted.

Visit the Human Resources webpage on Hiring Unpaid Interns & Volunteers for updated forms and FAQs available for reference. HR Talent Acquisition will continue to be a resource for questions and assistance.