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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Faculty Affairs Office
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Secondary Appointments

The content on this page applies to the following career tracks:

  • Clinician-Educators
  • Investigators
  • Team Scientists

Follow these instructions to submit a new secondary appointment:

New Secondary Appointment

 Effective Same Date as a New Primary Appointment

  1. Secondary department prepares Position Data/Appointment Forms (PDF) and provides them to primary department.
  2. Primary department adds these forms to the packet being prepared for the primary appointment.
  3. Primary department delivers complete appointment packet (includes primary and secondary appointments) to FAO.
  4. FAO will process the primary and secondary appointments simultaneously.

 Current Primary Appointment in Feinberg

The secondary department submits paper copies of the following documents to FAO:

 Current Primary Appointment in Another Northwestern University School

The secondary department submits paper copies of the following documents to FAO:


 Reappointment effective September 1

Secondary reappointments are generally effective 9/1 of each year and in that case are processed electronically.

 Reappointment effective any date except September 1

Submit paper copies of the following documents to the Faculty Affairs Office:

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