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Faculty Salary Changes and Salary Shifts

Faculty salary changes and salary shifts are submitted through OnBase and reviewed by FSM Finance, not the Faculty Affairs Office. However, if a salary change also involves re-categorizing a faculty member's basis to be PT-L (part-time, less than 50% effort), PT-G (part-time, 50% effort or greater), or FT (full-time), then the transaction is a change in basis and follows a different process that includes review by FAO. See the table below for a summary of the different types of salary changes.

Submit a Salary Change or Shift (for review by FSM Finance)

For off-cycle salary increases (i.e., salary increases effective on a date other than 9/1), you may need to complete the Non-Merit Salary Increase Form and receive approval from the Office of Finance & Administration before submitting an OnBase transaction. View the page on Non-Merit Salary Increases for more information.  

If the salary change/shift is not subject to the non-merit increase process, or you already have approval through that process, then complete the OnBase submission form (for help, view this OnBase page). Combine the following documents into a single PDF file and upload to the Position / Appointment Form button. When combining documents, use this order:

  • Position Data/Appointment forms, downloaded from myHR and updated
  • Approved Non-Merit Increase form, if the change is subject to the non-merit increase process
  • Justification for change, recommended

If you have questions about this process, visit the FSM Finance website or contact that office directly.


Description of Salary Changes and Shifts

Change Description FSM Reviewer OnBase Transaction Type 
Salary shift with no change to NMG-funded salary There is no change to the base salary, but the distribution of salary/effort across records in myHR changes. Either the faculty member does not have an NMG Member record, or the salary on the NMG record does not change as part of the shift. Finance Salary Shift (non-NMG)
Salary shift with change to NMG-funded salary There is no change to the base salary, but the distribution of salary/effort across records in myHR changes and includes an increase or decrease to the NMG-funded salary. Finance Salary Shift (NU/NMG)
Salary change without change in effort The base salary increases or decreases without a change in effort. Finance Salary Change
Salary & effort change, but the basis does not For part-time faculty, the salary increases or decreases with a corresponding change in effort, but the basis (PT-L or PT-G) does not change. Finance Salary Change
Salary, effort, and basis change When an increase or decrease in salary and effort also changes the basis so that a faculty member is re-categorized as FT, PT-G, or PT-L, this transaction is considered a Change in Basis, not a salary change or shift. Follow the Change in Basis process on the FAO website rather than the FSM Finance process. FAO and Finance Other Appointment Change