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Reference Letter Solicitation Using the Feinberg Faculty Portal

Note: If you are soliciting reference letters for a promotion or tenure case, do not use this page. Instead refer to the Promotion and Tenure Page because the reference letter solicitation process is included within the promotion and tenure workflow, and there are separate resources tailored to promotion and tenure cases.

Department administrators may use the Feinberg Faculty Portal (FFP) to solicit reference letters for faculty recruits who are non-tenure-eligible or tenure-eligible (FAO solicits reference letters for new recruits who are tenured).  

Department administrators who have access to solicit reference letters for new recruits are the same as those who manage promotion and tenure cases in the Feinberg Faculty Portal. Staff granted access to solicit reference letters for new appointments will also have access to promotion and tenure cases, and vice versa. To confirm who has access for your unit, review the Feinberg Faculty Portal Committee Access page. 

Referee Confidentiality

Before collecting letters, recognize that it is important to maintain the confidentiality of the referees. Letters should not be shared with the candidate or any individuals outside those who are involved in evaluating the candidate for appointment. Letters collected for one purpose should not be re-used for another purpose. Don't share with candidates the names of individuals who provided letters on their behalf or who declined to provide letters. That compromises the confidentiality of the referees.

Reference Letter Workflow


The following resources are tailored for new faculty appointments; do not use them when soliciting reference letters for the annual promotion and tenure process.