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Regular Faculty Reappointments

The content on this page applies to the following career tracks:

     Team Scientists

Reappointment Process

Appointment terms for Clinician-Educators, Investigators, and Team Scientists always end on August 31 of a given year, with reappointments taking effect on September 1.  Faculty whose appointment terms end on August 31 are reappointed together as part of an annual batch process.  

View our Annual Reappointment Process page for details.

Reappointment Terms

The reappointment term length is dictated by the rank of appointment.

     Instructor: 1 year
     Assistant Professor: 1 year*
     Associate Professor: 3 years
     Professor: 3 years

*Assistant Professors have an initial appointment term of 3 years and are subsequently reappointed for 1-year terms.

Performance Review and Appointment Non-Renewal

Department Chairs are expected to review the performance of their faculty on an ongoing basis.  At the time of reappointment for full-time Investigators, Clinician-Educators, and Team Scientists at the ranks of Assistant Professor and above, Department Chairs must formally document each faculty member's performance by submitting a Chair's Recommendation for Reappointment (required templates below) to the Faculty Affairs Office as part of the annual reappointment process described above.

     Chair's Recommendation #2 for Reappointment on the Investigator Track
     Chair's Recommendation #3 for Reappointment on the Clinician-Educator Track
     Chair's Recommendation #4 for Reappointment on the Team Scientist Track

Departments must give Clinician-Educators, Investigators, and Team Scientists advance notice if their primary appointment will not be renewed.  Faculty in one-year appointment terms should be notified in writing 4 months in advance and faculty in 3-year appointment terms should be notified in writing one year in advance if the department does not intend to renew the appointment.  A copy of the written notification should be provided to the Faculty Affairs Office.  During the annual reappointment process, faculty terminations will only be processed if the Faculty Affairs Office has record that the department provided the faculty member advance written notice of appointment non-renewal.  View more information about faculty terminations.