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Leaves of Absence

The content on this page applies to the following career tracks:

  • Clinician-Educators
  • Investigators
  • Team Scientists

Important Notice to Administrators

If you have questions about faculty leaves, please contact the Faculty Affairs Office (  

When processing faculty leaves, first confirm the employment arrangement of the faculty member.  Many FSM faculty receive their salary from a clinical affiliate which impacts the benefits the faculty member is eligible for at the University. In particular, for faculty employed by NMG, it is important to confirm in myHR what portion of the salary is paid by NU versus what portion is paid by NMG on an "NMFF Member" record.  The NU leave only applies to the NU portion of the salary; NMG policies will apply to the NMG portion of the salary.  Contact NMG's benefits office for information about NMG policies.

Administrators are encouraged to review NU faculty leave policies in the Faculty Handbook and on the Faculty Leave page. Both of these resources are maintained by the Office of the Provost, but please do not contact the Office of the Provost directly with questions.  First, contact the FSM Faculty Affairs Office, which will liaise with the Provost's Office as needed.  All leave paperwork should also be submitted to the Faculty Affairs Office (not to the Office of the Provost).