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Honorific Appointments

The content on this page applies to the following career tracks:

     Team Scientists

Endowed Professorships

Appointment in an endowed professorship occurs with a nomination from the Department Chair, which must be approved by the Dean, Provost, and Board of Trustees.  Most endowed professorships are for renewable terms of 3 or 5 years. The Board of Trustees meets 4 times per year, and professorship nominations are due to the FSM Dean's Office approximately 2 months prior to the Board's meeting date.  

For the 2022-2023 academic year, professorship nominations should be submitted to the Faculty Affairs Office by the following dates: 

Dept Due Date to FAO FAO Due Date to Provost Provost Due Date to Admin & Planning Board Meeting Date 
7/22/2022 8/13/2022 8/27/22 9/23/2022
10/3/2022 10/14/2022 10/26/2022 11/18/2022
1/13/2023 1/27/2023 2/8/2023 3/3/2023
4/7/2023 4/28/2023 5/10/2023 6/2/2023
7/21/2023 TBD TBD Sept 2023


 New Nomination to Endowed Professorship

To nominate a faculty member for an endowed professorship:

  • Step 1: Department Chair should contact the FSM Dean to discuss the nomination
  • Step 2: If the Dean is supportive of proceeding with the nomination, submit the following documents by email to

 Reappointment in an Endowed Professorship

To reappoint a faculty member in an endowed professorship, please submit the following documents by email to 

Emeritus Status

Appointment as emeritus faculty is an honor bestowed upon retiring faculty who have achieved distinction in their field--typically receiving recognition beyond the University--and whose special accomplishments have helped Feinberg achieve one or more of its various missions, brought distinction to the medical school, or for those who plan to contribute to the mission of the school in one or more meaningful ways after retiring. Eligibility for emeritus status is typically reserved for faculty members who will be retired fully from their academic position, are aged 55 or older, and have a minimum of 10 years of continuous service to Northwestern at the time of retirement.

Application for emeritus status is made using the Request for Emeritus Appointment form and requires approval of the Department Chair, Dean, Provost, and Board of Trustees. This request should typically be submitted when a faculty member announces their intention to retire.

Qualification for emeritus status requires: evidence of longstanding contributions to the education, research, and/or clinical missions of the medical school with evidence of national recognition for one’s accomplishments; evidence of significant service to the medical school and/or University communities; and plans for ongoing contributions to the teaching and/or research missions of the medical school. 

Because part-time and adjunct faculty typically have significant professional responsibilities outside the medical school and University, they will generally not have achieved a record of service specific to Northwestern to warrant appointment to emeritus status.

Emeritus faculty can be paid for full-time or part-time university service after retirement. If the emeritus faculty member will be benefits-eligible at 50% or greater FTE, there must be a 30-day break in paid status after the faculty member retires before that paid service begins. Paid service can begin immediately after retirement if the emeritus faculty member is in a non-benefits-eligible position at less than 50% effort. With respect to benefits, emeriti are considered retirees, not paid employees.

 Nominate a Faculty Member for Emeritus Status

Submit the nomination for Emeritus status via the OnBase submission form (for help, view this OnBase page). Combine the following documents into a single PDF file and upload to the Position / Appointment Form button. When combining documents, use this order:

  • Emeritus Request Form
  • Position Data/Appointment Forms, printed from myHR and updated
  • Correspondence regarding special circumstances, if applicable
  • Candidate's CV