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Conduct a Faculty Search

Northwestern's Faculty Recruiting System (FRS) must be used to conduct all searches for full-time faculty positions on the Clinician-Educator, Team Scientist, and Investigator career tracks. Applicants apply for faculty positions online through FRS and administrators use FRS to manage the search process. Refer to the guidance below to conduct a faculty search using FRS.

After the search is approved by the provost, you will receive a notification that the search needs to be configured in FRS:

After the search has "active" status in FRS, it will automatically be posted to the Northwestern University Careers Site. In addition, departments should:

  • Look in FRS to obtain the unique link to the position. Copy and paste the FRS job application link for the correct search into the advertisement you submitted with your pre-search request.
  • Post the advertisement in the print/online venues you identified in the pre-search form, distribute the ad to listservs, etc.  You may post the ad in additional venues beyond those listed on the pre-search form, including your own department website. Make sure the FRS link is included in all posting locations.
  • Make sure search committee members receive the correct FRS link to the search and inform them to direct applicants to that link in order to apply.
  • Keep a record of where you posted/distributed the ad, how long it appeared, etc. Also keep a record of any outreach to solicit referrals and applications. A summary of the search process will be needed when proposing your final candidate for an offer of appointment. 

As soon as the search has active status in FRS, applicants can submit applications. FRS does not send notifications when a new application is received, so it is critical that a staff member monitor FRS for new applications and distribute them to the search chair/committee members. Additionally, FRS must be used to designate candidates as finalists and to assign disposition codes to all applicants.

View Feinberg’s Guide to Managing Searches in the Faculty Recruiting System (Word).

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