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Changes to Appointments

The content on this page applies to the following career tracks:

  • Clinician-Educators
  • Investigators
  • Team Scientists

 Change Start Date

Appointment Paperwork Not Submitted to FAO

If a candidate accepts an offer but requests a later start date, you may prepare the appointment paperwork using the later start date and FAO will process it using the revised date. If a candidate accepts an offer but requests an earlier start date, contact FAO to ensure the timeline is realistic.

If only the start date is changing, it is not necessary to issue a revised offer letter. After the appointment is approved, the candidate will receive an appointment letter from FAO that confirms the revised date. However, if the candidate requests a revised offer letter, you may change the start date and upload the final, revised version of the offer letter to the business plan.

If there are other changes to the offer besides the start date, you may need to follow the counteroffer process. Contact FAO for guidance.

Appointment Paperwork Already Submitted to FAO

The process for changing a new hire's start date will depend on a number of factors, including whether the faculty member is employed by NMG (requiring a change to the start date in their NMG agreement, too). Please contact FAO to discuss your case. 

 Change Basis (Clinician-Educators and Team Scientists)

Investigators may not change their basis; appointments on the Investigator career track are always full-time. 

If the change is an increase in effort, consult FAO, as a business plan may be required. Changes to full-time status require a national search and use of the offer process. 

Otherwise, to make the change for a Clinician-Educator or Team Scientist, submit paper copies of the following documents to FAO:

  • Change Basis Cover Sheet (Word)
  • Prior correspondence with FAO regarding special circumstances, if applicable
  • Candidate's CV
  • Position data/appointment forms, printed from myHR

 Change Category

If proposing a change to a current faculty member's category of appointment, please navigate to the webpage describing the intended faculty appointment category (see list here), then follow the new appointment process/checklist listed.

 Change Domains (Clinician-Educators)

Clinician-Educators should discuss domain changes with their department leadership (division chief/department chair) to ensure everyone is in agreement as to a faculty member's career focus. If a faculty member's domains change, the department administrator should notify FAO to have the faculty member's record updated in the faculty database.

Please note that after a Clinician-Educator is proposed for promotion, domains may not be changed until after the promotion cycle has concluded and a promotion outcome is recorded. Clinician-Educators should confirm their domains are correct prior to applying for promotion, as they are evaluated for promotion based on their domains.

 Extend Tenure Probationary Period (Investigators Only)

Submit hard copies of the following documents to the Faculty Affairs Office:

  • Request to Extend Tenure Probationary Period (form)
  • Prior correspondence with FAO regarding special circumstances, if applicable
  • Candidate's CV
  • Position Data/Appointment Forms, printed from myHR
    See guidance on the request form to determine whether this item is needed

Change in Career Track/Tenure Status

 Change NTE to Tenure Track

Submit paper copies of the following documents to FAO:

 Change Tenure Track to NTE

Submit paper copies of the following documents to FAO:

 Change Clinician-Educator to Team Scientist (or vice versa)

Changes between the non-tenure-eligible Clinician-Educator and Team Scientist tracks are rare but warranted in some circumstances. The Team Scientist track is non-clinical, so a Clinician-Educator who gives up clinical effort or a Team Scientist who assumes new clinical effort are possible scenarios warranting a track change. To request a change, email the following to

  • Candidate’s CV
  • Justification from the department chair (in the text of the email is fine) describing the reason for the change and indicating the domain(s) of the new track (one domain for Team Scientist; two domains for Clinician-Educator)

Declare Career Track (Undifferentiated Appointments Only)

Candidates on an undifferentiated career track must declare a career track within three years, or (for Instructors) at the time of promotion to Assistant Professor, whichever is earlier. The Faculty Affairs Office notifies departments each summer of undifferentiated faculty who are approaching the 3-year deadline to declare a career track. 

Undifferentiated Instructors may declare a career track when being proposed for promotion through the annual promotion process. Use the processes below to declare a career track for undifferentiated Instructors and Assistant Professors outside of the promotion process.

 Declare an NTE Career Track

Submit paper copies of the following documents to FAO:

 Declare the Tenure-Eligible Investigator Career Track

Instructors who wish to be placed on the tenure track must be proposed for promotion to assistant professor using the annual promotion process, so the change to the tenure track should be requested in conjunction with the promotion.

To change an undifferentiated assistant professor to the tenure track, submit paper copies of the following documents to FAO:

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