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Record Candidate Decision

The content on this page applies to the following career tracks:

  • Clinician-Educators
  • Investigators
  • Team Scientists

 Accepted Offers
Signed acceptance of the offer letter must be uploaded to the business plan

  1. Upload the offer letter containing the candidate's signed acceptance to the business plan 
    • Tag it with the document type "Offer: Acceptance Letter from Candidate."
    • Do not delete any prior versions of the offer or other documents that were uploaded earlier as part of the review process.
  2. Notify the Faculty Affairs Office ( that the candidate has accepted the offer and the business plan status will be updated.  If the candidate will be employed by NMG, also notify  This notification triggers NMG to prepare the Employment Agreement. Contact NMG if you have questions about their process. 

 Declined Offers
Follow these steps when a candidate declines an offer

  • Notify FAO by email that the candidate has declined the offer (provide candidate's name and business plan FAO#)
  • FAO will record the offer as declined in the business plan database
  • The business plan will revert to "pre-search approved" status, meaning the search number remains open and you may extend an offer to another candidate by repeating the offer approval process. (Note: Declined offer-waivers do not revert to "pre-search approved" status since there was no approved search number originally.) 

Follow these steps to revise an approved offer

  • Notify FAO by email that you need to revise an offer (provide candidate's name and FAO#)
  • FAO will record the original offer as declined
  • Follow the  Counteroffer Checklist to submit a revised business plan and offer letter for review and approval