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Record Candidate Decision

The content on this page applies to the following career tracks:

  • Clinician-Educators
  • Investigators
  • Team Scientists

 Declined Offers
Follow these steps when a candidate declines an offer

  • Notify FAO by email that the candidate has declined the offer (provide candidate's name and business plan FAO#)
  • FAO will record the offer as declined in the business plan database
  • The business plan will revert to "pre-search approved" status, meaning the search number remains open and you may extend an offer to another candidate by repeating the offer approval process. (Note: Declined offer-waivers do not revert to "pre-search approved" status since there was no approved search number originally.) 

Follow these steps to revise an approved offer

  • Notify FAO by email that you need to revise an offer (provide candidate's name and FAO#)
  • FAO will record the original offer as declined
  • Follow the  Counteroffer Checklist to submit a revised business plan and offer letter for review and approval
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