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Coterminous Faculty

Coterminous appointments are courtesy faculty appointments, requested by a department chair and usually at the rank of instructor, for an individual who holds a training position or a limited term professional staff appointment in the VA or selected clinics outside of McGaw Medical Center. When the controlling position (fellowship, chief residency, etc.) ends, the faculty appointment automatically ends.


 New Appointment (without an NMG Agreement)
For coterminous faculty who are not practicing with Northwestern Medical Group

Submit paper copies of the following documents to the Faculty Affairs Office:

 Reappointment (for appointments ending on Aug. 31)

Faculty whose appointment terms end Aug. 31 are reappointed together as part of an annual batch process. View the Annual Reappointment Process page for details.

 Reappointment (for appointments ending on a date that is not Aug. 31)

When possible, departments are encouraged to appoint coterminous faculty in terms that end on August 31 so that they may be reappointed as part of the annual batch process.  For coterminous appointments expiring on a date other than August 31, please send paper copies of the following documents to FAO in order to process a reappointment:
  • Position Data/Appointment Forms, printed from myHR and updated
    Appointment Form Action/Reason codes: DTA/REA
  • Prior correspondence with FAO regarding special circumstances, if applicable

 Change Appointment Basis


To change appointment basis, submit the following to FAO:

 Change Appointment Category

If proposing a change to a current faculty member's category of appointment, please navigate to the webpage describing the intended faculty appointment category and follow the new appointment process/checklist listed there.

 About Coterminous Faculty Practicing Clinically at NMG

This scenario typically applies to ASTP Fellows, NRSA fellows, or other advanced trainees in training programs not accredited by ACGME or administered by the McGaw Medical Center.

These trainees are not employed by McGaw and therefore do not have clinical privileges through McGaw. To practice at NMG/NMH, they must be privileged and credentialed as attending physicians, which requires that they have a faculty appointment.  However, as trainees, they are not eligible for appointment as Clinician-Educators or Health System Clinicians, so are appointed as coterminous Instructors, a type of courtesy appointment that is concurrent with their advanced training program (i.e., when the advanced training program ends, the faculty appointment also ends). Their trainee status makes them ineligible to be employed as full-time faculty or Health System Clinicians at NMG, so they are set up as NMG Consultants in order to practice clinically.  

  • Total Salary & Effort: In myHR, these individuals will have one record (Record 0) with 100% of the effort and salary appearing on that record. All compensation is paid from NU, and the department will need to process an internal transfer of funds from NMG to NU, generally at the specialty’s $/RVU rate for actual wRVUs performed, in order to reimburse NU for the clinical portion of the salary.  Essentially, NMG leases these faculty from NU for clinical service.
  • Privileging and Credentialing: At NMG/NMH, these physicians are privileged and credentialed as attending physicians if the department intends to bill for any portion of their clinical services, but only for those privileges which they can practice independently by virtue of their prior training. Thus, when applying for privileges at the hospital, they should request only those privileges that they can perform independently and not also the privileges they will be learning in their advanced training program. The latter will be performed in their capacity as a fellow/trainee and only under the supervision of an attending physician who is authorized to perform those privileges.
  • Appointment Term: Coterminous appointments are for 1 year, eligible for reappointment annually for the duration of the training program.
  • Offer and Appointment Process: An offer letter and business plan must be submitted for review and approval by FSM and NMG; following approval of the offer and business plan, departments should complete the appointment process. See the checklists below for each of these phases.

 Phase 1: Approval of Offer Letter and Business Plan

This phase is accomplished electronically using the business plan database.

Step 1: Prepare a business plan in the business plan database

Step 2: Attach the following documents to the business plan:

 Phase 2: Appointment Process

After the business plan is approved in phase 1, submit paperwork to the Faculty Affairs Office to complete the appointment process.

To complete the appointment process, submit paper copies of the following documents to the Faculty Affairs Office:

  • Coterminous Faculty Cover Sheet
  • Prior correspondence with FAO regarding special circumstances, if applicable
  • Personal Data Form
  • Position Data / Appointment Forms 
    • No signature from NMG is required, and there is no set of "NMG Member" forms.  Typically, there will be one set of forms (Record 0) for the coterminous Instructor appointment with all effort and salary on that record. 
    • Exception: For NRSA fellows, the NRSA position is record 0 and the coterminous Instructor position is record 1. Salary should be split across these records, but record 0 should have 100% effort.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow Appointment Paperwork, if applicable
    Note: If this faculty appointment is coterminous with a NRSA fellowship or postdoctoral research fellow appointment, submit the postdoctoral fellow appointment paperwork in this packet; the postdoc appointment and the coterminous faculty appointment will be processed together.

Involuntary departure initiated by the department

Submit paper copies of the following documents to the Faculty Affairs Office:

Voluntary departure initiated by the faculty member

Submit paper copies of the following documents to the Faculty Affairs Office:


Coterminous faculty are not eligible for retirement at FSM. When a coterminous faculty member retires from his or her primary position, the coterminous faculty appointment at FSM should be terminated because s/he is no longer eligible to hold it.


Submit paper copies of the following documents to the Faculty Affairs Office:

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