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Annual Reappointment Process for Faculty Appointments Expiring August 31

Every summer, the Faculty Affairs Office notifies each department by email of all its faculty appointments that are expiring on August 31. FAO reappoints all of these faculty in myHR via an electronic batch process, but engages the departments to review data and provide additional information before doing so:

  • Each department receives a spreadsheet that lists all faculty whose appointments are expiring on August 31. 
  • Review the list and note that highlighted fields require your attention. Highlighted fields must be updated and the spreadsheet returned to FAO.
  • Department Chairs are expected to review the performance of their faculty on an ongoing basis, and those reviews should inform decisions about reappointing or terminating appointments. 

 Primary Appointments of Full-time, Part-time, and Unpaid Faculty
Review pre-populated reappointments on the spreadsheet for accuracy.

Because all faculty require advance notice of appointment non-renewal, you may not choose to terminate primary appointments in the spreadsheet. Reappointments, reappointment terms (length determined by appointment rank), and previously communicated terminations are pre-populated for your review. Notify FAO of any discrepancies.

 Secondary Appointments
Renew or terminate these unpaid, courtesy appointments by completing the highlighted fields in the spreadsheet.

  • Specify your decision to reappoint (R) or terminate (T) by entering R or T in the highlighted field
  • For reappointments: Enter the new appointment end date of 1 or 3 years (dependent on rank)
    • Secondary appointment end date cannot exceed primary appointment end date
    • If primary appointment is tenured, secondary appointment should have indefinite end dates (secondary appointment can be terminated at any time)
  • For terminations: Enter September 1 of current calendar year as the new appointment end date
  • For terminations of "annual renewable" appointments: Print Position Data/Appointment Forms from myHR and update to reflect a termination effective 9/1 of current calendar year.  Send completed and signed forms to FAO.