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Faculty Hiring Plan

The Faculty Hiring Plan (FHP) is a list of the faculty positions your department intends to conduct searches for in a given fiscal year. It is prepared in the spring and is due at the time of the department's budget. Only full-time positions on the Investigator, Team Scientist, and Clinician-Educator career tracks are included on the hiring plan.

The Feinberg dean's office will review the hiring plan with the department chair and administrator in annual budget meetings that occur in the late spring and summer. The final Feinberg faculty hiring plan is submitted to the Provost's Office in July and approval of the hiring plan is typically communicated to departments by early September. 

Summary of Positions Included on Hiring Plan

Your final hiring plan includes: 

  • Full-time Investigators (including those paid 100 percent by an approved affiliate)
  • Full-time Team Scientists (including those paid 100 percent by an approved affiliate)
  • Full-time Clinician-Educators, if any one or more of the following conditions are met:
    • Feinberg salary is 10 percent or higher
    • There are Feinberg commitments beyond salary (e.g., start-up funding)
    • The Clinician-Educator would fill a leadership role
  • Positions that already have search numbers and you propose to keep open (even Clinician-Educators that don't meet the conditions above) so that the Provost's Office knows we aren't closing them 

Prepare Your FY23 Faculty Hiring Plan