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Faculty Hiring Plan

The Faculty Hiring Plan (FHP) is a list of the faculty positions your department intends to conduct searches for in a given fiscal year. It is prepared in the spring and is due at the time of the department's budget. Only full-time positions on the Investigator, Team Scientist, and Clinician-Educator career tracks are included on the hiring plan.

The FY20 hiring plan has been approved by the Office of the Provost. Refer to the guidance below to view and interpret the outcomes of specific positions.
Position requests will continue to be evaluated at each stage of the recruitment for their alignment with Feinberg’s strategic priorities and the availability of funding. Note that business plans containing incremental resource requests are subject to review and adjustment throughout this process. Departmental budget authority will be allocated following approved and accepted offer letters.

View Faculty Hiring Plan

To view the complete list of positions proposed on your department's FY20 hiring plan and the current status of each:

  • Log into the business plan database
  • Click on the “Hiring Plan Reports” link in the upper right part of the screen
  • Select a department/division (if you have access to more than one department/division)
  • Select “Hiring Plan by FAO# all detail” and press the “view” button (or the “Excel” button to download a spreadsheet)
  • The report generated will group your positions by their current status 

Budget Plan Statuses

  • Budget Approved:  Positions with this status were approved on the FY20 hiring plan.  However, you shouldn’t begin to search just yet!  To conduct a search, you must submit a pre-search request to obtain a formal search number from the University.
  • Budget Disapproved: These positions were deferred for recruitment in FY20.  You may re-propose them for consideration on the FY21 hiring plan next spring (as new budget plans), if desired.

Pre-search Plan Statuses

  • Pre-search Approved: You already have a search number (see the “P#/Job ID” field) and may conduct searches for these positions. 
  • Pre-search Disapproved: These positions were deferred for recruitment in FY20. You may re-propose them for consideration on the FY21 hiring plan (as budget plans) next spring, if desired.
  • Pre-search Closed:  Formerly approved pre-searches have been closed if they are deferred for recruitment in FY20. You may re-propose them for consideration on the FY21 hiring plan (as new budget plans) next spring, if desired.
The FY20 faculty hiring plan process is closed. The next hiring plan cycle will launch in spring 2020 to prepare the FY21 hiring plan.

In FY20, we will continue the practice of including only a subset of Clinician-Educator positions on the hiring plan. Your final hiring plan will include: 

  • Full-time Investigators (including those paid 100 percent by an approved affiliate)
  • Full-time Team Scientists (including those paid 100 percent by an approved affiliate)
  • Full-time Clinician-Educators, if any one or more of the following conditions are met:
    • Feinberg salary is 10 percent or higher
    • There are Feinberg commitments beyond salary (e.g., start-up funding)
    • The Clinician-Educator would fill a leadership role
  • Positions that already have search numbers and you intend to keep open (even Clinician-Educators that don't meet the conditions above) so that the Provost's Office knows we aren't closing them


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