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OnBase is a University system for electronically sending documents to HR Operations/Payroll for entry into myHR.  In Feinberg, OnBase has been implemented with more complex routing so that appointment and payroll transactions are submitted by department staff and then routed for department approval, NMG approval (if needed), and school approval (FAO and/or Finance approval), before going to HR Operations/Payroll.

  1. Department prepares appointment packet
    • Follow the appropriate checklist on the FAO website for the appointment action you are processing.  All items on the checklist are still needed; you will just be submitting them electronically instead of as a paper packet.  Also, note that the order of the documents as submitted in OnBase will differ from what is established on the checklists (until we can update all the checklists to conform to the OnBase process).
    • You no longer need to obtain signatures on the position/appointment forms. The signatures will be applied electronically using OnBase.

  2. Department submits appointment packet electronically via Onbase
    • OnBase Submission Instructions: This guide from the Feinberg Office of Finance and Administration provides an orientation to the submission form on pages 2-3.
    • If you are processing paperwork for an NMG member (someone who has a separate NMG record in myHR), make sure you select the appointment type of Faculty (NMG Member).  This causes the packet to route to NMG before routing to FAO for school approval.
    • When uploading documents:
      • Upload the Personal Data Form separately to its respective button
      • For resignations, upload the resignation letter separately to its respective button
      • All other documents required on the FAO checklist should be combined into a single PDF file and uploaded to the Position / Appointment Form button. When combining documents, use this order (including as many documents as required by the specific FAO checklist):
        1. cover sheet (or appointment recommendation form)
        2. position/appointment forms (record 0, record 1, record 2, etc.)
        3. correspondence regarding special circumstances (if applicable)
        4. Chair's letter of recommendation for appointment
        5. CV
        6. reference letters
        7. other documents

  3. Packet routes to various approvers in sequential order
    • The submission will first route to the department approver pool for review and approval. If the submitter is also a department approver, then department approval will be automatically applied at the time of submission. View OnBase Approvers if you have questions about who is in the approver pool for your department.
    • View OnBase Routing Workflows for more information about the electronic routing pathways for each transaction type.
    • All approvals occur in sequential order. Approvers cannot edit documents that have been submitted, so if edits are needed, an approver will reject the submission and return it to the submitter with comments.  The transaction will have to be re-submitted and the routing process starts over. 


  • Review your work before submitting! In the past, FAO often corrected position/appointment forms before sending them to HR Operations/Payroll.  OnBase does not allow FAO to make corrections, so submissions will be returned to you, which forces the submission process to start over.

Resources for OnBase Approvers

  • OnBase Submission Form: As an approver, you can also submit transactions, and when you do, department approval is applied at the time of submission.
  • OnBase Work Queue: Access a queue of transactions pending approval of the approver pool you belong to.
    • Everyone in the same approver pool as you will see the same list.
    • You would have also received an automated email for each transaction in the queue at the time it was submitted for your approval.
    • If you are a department approver, the items in this queue were submitted by a staff member who is not a department approver in OnBase.  
  • Feinberg OnBase Instructions: This guide prepared by the Feinberg Office of Finance and Administration provides an overview of how to submit a transaction and how to approve/reject a transaction.
  • OnBase Approver's Guide: This guide from HR Operations details how to review and approve or reject a transaction.


Feinberg Approvers and Workflow Routing

  • OnBase Approvers: Look up who is included in the department approval pool. Each department has a single pool of approvers to whom all OnBase submissions are first routed (the secondary approvers on the list are part of the approver pool). If the submitter is also a department approver, then the department approval is automatically applied at the time of submission and the transaction routes to the next step in the workflow. 
  • OnBase Workflow Routing: This document shows the OnBase routing for categories of personnel reviewed by the Faculty Affairs Office.
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