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Faculty Affairs Office
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Faculty Recruiting System

The Faculty Recruiting System (FRS) is Northwestern University's system for managing faculty searches. Northwestern requires that applicants to full-time faculty positions (on the Clinician-Educator, Investigator, and Team Scientist career tracks) apply online through FRS, which also has an administrative interface for accessing and tracking applications. Faculty search committee members have access to this system by default, but Feinberg recommends treating FRS as an administrative system used only by department administrators and staff who assist the search committee with its duties.

  • Conduct a Faculty Search: When recruiting a full-time faculty member on the following list of career tracks, a search will become visible in FRS after the Provost has approved the pre-search. View the Recruit & Appoint section on each of these pages to understand how FRS fits into the recruitment workflow. 
  • You will not be able to log into FRS until are you added to at least one search as a Search Administrator or committee member.
  • Access to each search is managed individually. Those with Search Administrator access for a given search can give others access to that specific search either as a Search Administrator or as an Additional Search Committee Member/Administrator.
  • To add or remove someone as a Search Administrator for all searches in a specific unit, the Department Administrator should contact and provide the following information:
    • name and netID of the individual who needs access added or removed
    • myHR Dept ID of the unit(s) the individual should be added to or removed from
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