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Faculty Profile Guidance for Administrators

Feinberg Faculty Profiles offer faculty the opportunity to publicize their work to internal and external audiences. Having an accurate and robust faculty profile helps faculty stand out to potential collaborators, students, mentees, donors, funding agencies, and the media. This page provides resources and guidance to administrators who assist faculty in maintaining their profiles. 

Resources and Frequently Asked Questions

 Key Resources Supporting Profile Maintenance

  • Quick Reference for Feinberg Faculty Profiles: This resource describes the content displayed on Feinberg Faculty Profiles and provides guidance on how to make updates.
  • Feinberg Faculty Portal: This is a central repository for faculty career activity data; much profile content is updated here.
  • Northwestern Elements: Journal articles, books, and chapters must be updated in this system to display on faculty profiles. Each department is responsible for developing administrative super users (training offered through Galter Library) who can assist faculty when manual updates are needed.
  • Feinberg Faculty Database: Administrators can add and replace (as well as download) faculty photos here.
  • Your Online Presence: Administrators should familiarize themselves with this section of the site, which is written for a faculty audience, which covers Feinberg Faculty Profiles and related systems.
  • Overview of Faculty Profile Sites: Offices across campus feature faculty on profiles and websites designed to reach different audiences. Learn about other profile sites (written for a faculty audience).

 When/how do faculty obtain a profile?

All individuals with a faculty appointment in Feinberg have a public faculty profile.

  • In order for the profile to appear, the appointment has to be processed/approved by FAO and the appointment must be active. Therefore, administrators should submit new appointment paperwork to FAO far enough in advance so that the appointment is fully processed and approved before the start date.
  • If a new appointment is approved, but the start date is in the future, the profile won't appear until the start date.
  • New faculty receive access to the Feinberg Faculty Portal (where many profile updates are made) within a week of their netID being created, so if they receive their netID before their start date, they can log into the Feinberg Faculty Portal to begin to populate it with data. However, they won't see the public profile display until their start date.
  • Profiles are automatically removed from public display when a faculty member's appointment in Feinberg ends. Therefore it is important for administrators to process reappointments sufficiently far in advance of an appointment end date. If the appointment expires before the reappointment is fully processed, the faculty profile will disappear until the reappointment is approved and the faculty member again has active status.

 How are content updates made on faculty profiles?

Data that appear on faculty profiles are imported from a variety of sources. View the Quick Reference on Feinberg Faculty Profiles for an overview of the content and to learn where to make updates. Much of the profile content is edited in the Feinberg Faculty Portal, meaning faculty can make updates directly. Administrators who have access to that system first need to emulate a faculty member in order to make updates.

 How do I update or correct the publication list?

Faculty profiles only display journal articles, books, and chapters that are imported from Northwestern Elements, a publication database overseen by Galter Health Sciences Library & Learning Center. Additions or corrections to the publication list must be made in Northwestern Elements to appear on faculty profiles, and administrators trained as super users can make these updates for faculty. (Faculty are not expected to interact with Northwestern Elements.)

  • Visit our Northwestern Elements page for information about how to become an administrative super user
  • Visit the Publications page (written for a faculty audience) for more information on how publication lists are maintained in Northwestern Elements, faculty profiles, and the Feinberg Faculty Portal.

 How do I add/replace a faculty photo?

Faculty can't load photos to their profiles themselves. For new faculty who attend NMH photo shoots, the photographer generally sends photos to FAO for uploading. Department administrators who have access to the FAO faculty database can also upload photos for faculty if a photo is missing or needs to be replaced with an updated version. 

  1. Review the photo for appropriateness
    • Photos should be standard photographic headshots, not paintings or other creative images 
    • Minimum size of 160px X 240px. Photos can be bigger, but not smaller.
    • Accepted formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .pjpeg, .png, .gif
  2. Log into the faculty database
  3. Search for the faculty member
  4. Click on the Upload Photo link in the upper left corner of the page
    • Click on Choose Photo and then select the file
    • Click on Add/Replace Picture
    • If you remove or replace a picture, we can not restore the original picture
  5. Important! It will take up to 20 minutes for the photo to appear on the public profile after the upload is complete. Profiles embedded in department websites (that make up the department faculty list) refresh each night, so check the next day to see the photo updated there.

 How do I obtain a copy of a faculty photo?

Department administrators who have access to the FAO faculty database can download a copy of the photo displayed on the faculty profile. 

  1. Log into the faculty database
  2. Search for the faculty member
  3. If a photo has been uploaded to the faculty record, you may have two options available via links in the upper left corner of the screen:
    • Download thumbnail photo: This allows you to download a standardized, re-sized version of the original photo that was created during the upload process. The thumbnail is available for all faculty  who have a photo uploaded.
    • Download original photo: This link allows you to download the photo file that was originally uploaded; if the original file was a high resolution image, then that is what you will obtain from this link. If the original photo file is not accessible, then a note that says "No original photo available" will appear instead of the link. Only the original photos uploaded in 2021 or later are accessible (resulting from improvements made to the database in 2021).

 How is the faculty profile photo related to the Feinberg Faculty Portal?

There is no connection between the photo uploaded to the public faculty profile and photos uploaded in the Feinberg Faculty Portal (FFP), so photos are maintained separately in each system:

  • Within the FFP, the photo loaded to the Profile > Personal Information section is visible only to the faculty member and staff who can access the account. If you wish to see the profile photo in this location, you will also need to upload it here, separately from uploading it to the FAO faculty database.
  • Within the FFP, there is a section called Photos for Media Use on the profile page. Faculty may be asked by internal communications staff or external media to provide a headshot for stories that feature them, so this section is offered as a place to store photo files for convenient access later. For example, you may wish to load the high-resolution photo file here so that you or the faculty member can retrieve it later (given that you can't download a high-resolution photo file from within the FAO faculty database).

 Why aren't profile updates appearing on my department's website?

Most updates appear in real time on the public faculty profile accessed through the main faculty profile site. However, publication updates made in Northwestern Elements display on the public profile the following day. 

The faculty profiles embedded in department websites refresh overnight, so you can expect to see updates there one day after they appear on the main profile site.

 How can I hide or remove a profile from the department website?

All active Feinberg faculty have a public faculty profile. Feinberg does not permit departments to selectively hide or delete profiles for active faculty appointed in their department. The only way to remove a profile is to end the faculty appointment in your department.

The Feinberg Office of Communications offers options for structuring the faculty list on department websites so that core/principal faculty are distinguished from others. See the Website Development Policy for more information.