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Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
Faculty Affairs Office
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Faculty and Business Plan Database

The Faculty Database is Feinberg's system of record for managing faculty appointments. It contains a module called the Business Plan Database that is used to manage recruitment. 



Use this module to:

  • Look up records of individual faculty to view their current appointment and appointment history.
  • Track the status of pending faculty appointment paperwork that has been submitted to the Faculty Affairs Office.
  • View your full faculty roster or run custom reports by applying filters to look at sub-groups of your faculty. 
  • Access standard reports set up by the school (e.g., duration in current faculty rank).

The business plan database is used to manage faculty recruitment:

  • Submit pre-search requests to obtain approval to conduct a faculty search for a full-time Clinician-Educator, Investigator, or Team Scientist, which is required before a faculty search becomes visible in the Faculty Recruiting System
  • Submit drafts of faculty offer letters to the Dean's office for approval prior to extending an offer to a candidate.
  • Prepare your annual faculty hiring plan.

Obtain an overview of faculty recruitment using the business plan database.

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